Blessing by the monk at our home sweet home

It has been many weeks that we want to have a monk blessing at our home. However, my husband always busy. He just come back home from Kompongsom on Sunday, so I suggest him to invite monks for blessing, cause mom in law said that only Monday and Friday that is a good day to invite monk for blessing. So we decide to do it right alway. My mom in law help me to buy everything.

Recently I feel afraid when I stay at home alone. I know I am a scare person. I think one month ago I saw the orange light. I think it is effect with the light and wood soda, but every time I come to get food, I feel grossbump. I feel scare from that day, that’s why I need to have monks blessing at home. Moreover, since I live here, I never have a monk blessing at all. But we live happily and peacefully.

The ceremony start 2 PM something. My belly is big and it hard for me to knee down. So I have to sit side way.

after finish blessing ceremony, my mother ask the monk do future teller for us. So I ask about my sons name whether is it good or not. The monk said panhareach is very high name. If was born on Tuesday is not good for us, cause the name might cut some of parents រិទ្ធី . And he said panhaboth is very good name we can put. He give three other name for our option vattanak, visal, and oudom. Among three we like vattanak the most. However, I don’t want to change my pervious name we put for our sons. I feel the monk doesn’t concentrate much of guessing it. However, my parents in law very agree with the name.

Now I still complicate about our sons name. Don’t know which one we should put.

Bun chhay birthday

bun chhay is my cousin. Today is his birthday. I am thinking to give him a gift on his birthday cause he help me to draw my babies room. However, I feel bored at home, so I call my sister’s family and bun Chhay’s family come to have lunch at my house. I am preparing beef grill with special source for everyone. The rest they buy fruits and cake. We also sing karaoke after blow the candles.

Friend from France visit

solida is someone I know in France. When I was in France, we sometime talk on the phone with each other. We sometime discuss something In our mind too. I don’t have any friends in France. She is also a part of my husband family as well. Although we use to talk on the phone, but we never see each other face. This year, she come to visit Cambodia, so I invite her and her family to have lunch together. Unfortunately my husband cannot join us. He is busy working at Kompongsom. I bring her to japanese restaurant call samurai . It’s our first time to see each other face, I feel excited. I think she feel the same way. She is friendly and has a nice family. Her two sons so lovely. Although we don’t have much time to meet each other, cause she has non stop traveling with her family while on vacation like that. At least we have see each other, and I hope we still have chance to see each other again one more time neither France or Cambodia.

Our babies name

I wake up in the morning and told my husband I dream about flighting over my father in law about our babies name. My husband laugh at me and he said now he change his mind. We should put our babies name like this ” Sokun panhareach and Sokun panhaboth ” my husband decide to put his first name as the surname for our babies. He will not put the surname of his father anymore. I don’t know what is my father in law said if he know about it. My husband said we don’t have to let him know. He he …. anyways, I am kind of like that name  🙂

Dine out with my parent in law

Yesterday my husband cannot join us for Father’s Day, so today we bring my parent in law to have shark fin soup at new restaurant. The restaurant call ” thai village” it is a modern and quiet expensive restaurant.

My father in law start to make conversation. My father in law name Yim Ly. He want to put his first name “Ly”as our babies surname. He doesn’t want us to put his surname ” Yim” anymore. That’s no make sense, cause it’s totally change my husband name. He also find a few name for us to consider, but we said we already have a name for our babies. We are happy to name our children by ourself, and we also happy with the name we already choose.

Here are our babies name

Yim Sokun panha reach

Yim Sokun panha both

the name is follow by my husband name Yim Sokun.

We finally change the topic, cause we already disagree with my father in law. He he …

After come back home, I told my husband that I am afraid his father not happy that we don’t put his first name as our babies name. My husband said it is ok, cause they are our kids. No one can force us what we don’t like to name our children.

Father’s Day 2017

We never celebrate Father’s Day with our dad for a long time since he live in USA. We only can show by photos post in Facebook.

Today I want to order a cake for my husband. Unfortunately, I don’t have any ride and my husband also busy this evening with boss. So I end up go out for dinner with bong phorn’s family. On the way go to restaurant, I drop by Tous les jour to buy a cake for my husband and I also buy one for my brother in law. Tonight we have dinner at whole steak house restaurant. It’s about meat lover.

here are some photos of us

After finish dinner, I ask my youngest sister to bring me to my parent in law house and I also drop by to buy a cake for my father in law. Actually, my husband want to bring my parents in law out for dinner but he is busy with customer from china. Guess my father in law surprise by the cake. He is a old fashion people. He might doesn’t know what kind of today and why people doing it. We just do it for him. Just for him happy.

ចុងក្រោយគឺធ្វើអោយលោកប្ដីខ្ញុំភ្ញាក់ផ្អើល ព្រោះគាត់ជិតក្លាយជាឪពុកគេហើយ។ នេះជានំខេកលើកទី១ ក្នុងទិវាបុណ្យឪពុក ហើយនឹងមានបន្ដបន្ទាប់ទៀតនៅឆ្នាំបន្ទាប់ ហើយពេលកូនយើងធំ សង្ឃឹមថាពួកគេនឹងធ្វើអោយពួកយើងរំភើបម្ដង។ គ្រាន់តែលឺសំលេងប្ដី បើកទ្វារចូលបន្ទប់ភ្លាម ខ្ញុំក៏ប្រញាប់ប្រញាល អុជទាន និង រកកន្លែងពូន កុំអោយគាត់ឃើញ។ លោកប្ដីដូចរៀងស្រឿងពីក្រៅមកហើយមើលទៅ ។ ពេលគាត់ដើរចូលបន្ទប់ ខ្ញុំក៏ចេញមក និយាយថា surprise លោកប្ដីខ្ញុំសួរថា អីគេនឹង? ខ្ញុំដឹងថា បងសប្បាយចិត្តណាស់ ពេលឃើញនំ ។ ខ្ញុំប្រាប់អោយប្ដីខ្ញុំប៉នប្រាថ្នា ហើយផ្លុំទានទៅ ។

This is how Father’s Day end for me 🙂


ឆ្ងាញ់ថត ជាងឆ្ងាញ់ស៊ី

បងប្អូនខ្ញុំសប្បាយទាំងញាុំ សប្បាយទាំងថតរូប ។ ទៅណាមកណា សើចផ្អើលគេអស់ហើយ សំបូររឿងនិយាយណាស់  សមយ័នេះ គេហៅស៊ីត្រាវ៕

ថ្ងៃនេះពួកយើង បានទៅសាកហាងថ្មីមួយនៅម្ដុំបឹងកេងកង ហាងនោះល្បីទឹកកកឈួសឆ្ងាញ់ ម្ហូបគួរសមអាចទទួលយកបាន តែគេមានបង្អែមច្រើនប្រភេទ អត់អីទេសុទ្ធតែអ្នកខ្លាចធាត់ 😜😜😜 ហាងនោះមើលពីក្រៅ ដូចស្រែ តែចូលក្នុង អែមរបស់គេ ។

បន្ទាប់ពីញាុំហើយ យើងទៅផ្សារទួលទំពូង ។ នេះជាលើកទី១ ហើយ ខ្ញុំចូលផ្សារតាំងពីខ្ញុំមានកូន ក្នុងផ្សារក្ដៅណាស់ ធ្វើអោយខ្ញុំពិបាកទ្រាំ ខ្ញុំអត់ដើរអង្គុយចាំក្នុងតូបមួយដែលមានកង្ហារ តែនៅតែក្ដៅ បន្ទាប់ក៏ប្រាប់ពួកគេ ប្រញាប់ទៅផ្ទះ ព្រោះក្ដៅណាស់ ។ មកដល់ផ្ទះ ឡើងងូតទឹកមុនគេ

ម៊ីឈឹង ១ ខួប

ថ្ងៃនេះម៊ីឈឹងបានមួយខួបហើយ ពេលវេលាពិតជាលឿនណាស់ ។ អាជីង និង ដារិទ្ធ បានរៀបចំកម្មវិធីល្មមមួយជាមួយបងប្អូន ។ ពួកយើងសប្បាយរីករាយបានជួបគ្នាម្ដង មានទាំងញាុំ និង រាំ។ ចំណែកខ្ញុំក្រោយពីត្រូវគ្នាហើយ មានតែភាពរីករាយ និង ផ្អែមល្ហែម។




អូនដឹងថាបងរវល់ តែអោយតែបងអាចឆ្លៀតពេលបាន បងនឹងមកកំដរអូន ។ នេះហើយជាចំនុចល្អរបស់បង ។ ល្ងាចនេះគោលបំនងយើង គឺញាុំបារាំងទេ តែហាងនោះគេមានកម្មវិធី ដូច្នេះគេអត់ទទួលភ្ញៀវក្រៅទេ។ ពេលយើងជិះដើម្បីទៅហាងមួយទៀត កាត់ហាងស៊ុប បងគន្ធថា ដូចជាចង់ញាុំ ដូច្នេះយើងក៏សំរេចចិត្តចូលញាុំស៊ុបតែម្ដង ។ យប់នេះខ្ញុំដូចជាហៅច្រើនជ្រុលពេក ពួកយើងនៅសល់ច្រើនណាស់ ។ ឥឡូវខ្ញុំមិនអាចញាុំច្រើនពេកពេលយប់បានទេ ព្រោះវាអាចអោយខ្ញុំពិបាកគេង។ ដូច្នេះយើងញាុំបានប៉ុណ្ណា ឈប់ប៉ុនឹង។


បន្ទប់របស់កូនរាជ និង កូនបុត្រ

មានកូនទាំងពីរនៅក្នុងជីវិត ពិតជារឿងមួយដែលសប្បាយចិត្ត និង មាននយ័។ ប៉ា និង ម៉ាក់ ត្រៀមរួចជាស្រេចសំរាប់ជីវិតដល់មានសេចក្ដីសុខរបស់កូនទាំងពីរ។ ទោះបីជាប៉ា រវល់ តែគាត់រវល់រកលុយ សំរាប់គ្រួសាររបស់យើង ។ ម៉ាក់បានអោយ អាគ្រូទី គូសបន្ទប់របស់កូន ទាំងអស់នេះផ្ដើមចេញពីក្ដីស្រលាញ់ និង ការទន្ទឹមរងចាំថ្ងៃដែលកូនកើតឡើង ឃើញពិភពលោកមួយនេះ ។ បន្ទប់របស់កូនមានពណ័ផ្ទៃមេឃ ម៉ាក់បានជ្រើសរើសក្រដាសបិទ និង ដូរភ្លើងចេញរបស់កូន 😘😘😘