Dinner at Pu and Ming Da’s house

my husband asked me where did i want to go? i said anywhere he wants to take me. when we are re-think again, we end up decided to stay home and wait my husband’s family called for lunch or dinner. haha… we didn’t see them two weeks already. i got up and cook something for our lunch, then we went shopping. finally, my husband’s uncle called us for dinner at his house. haha… after that we went to hospital to get some medicine to cambodia, and go back to Pu seng’s house. we met everyone over there. Ming Da is a great cooks, especially i like her dessert.

my husband draw this picture of my hand when we are discuss at the table 😀

Together cooking

his weird smile. i guess his didn’t want to cook for mekach reang mun neng cookcooking men tamy food (Sna Day me)my husband’s food ( the fish costs 37 euro) even he is not cook well, but the fish still taste good. haha… compare which one look bettertogether eating

look at his face
we helped each other cooking last Sunday. we didn’t feel want to go out. we want to stay home and watch movie. my husband just got a few new movies from his friend.