Bong mony’s son wedding 

Bong mony is GM at Ratanakiri branch in our company. He also Ouk Nha. Today is his son wedding. 

The first day of the wedding. Big boss and his wife also join the ceremony. I almost drunk by big boss. We have so much fun, cause of his present. 




Day 2

I wake up for ហែជំនួន ceremony. Some of my colleagues didn’t come, cause they drunk last night. I meet my childhood hero is Lok Chom Tav Men Sam On and I also took the photos with her. I am so happy to see her in real person. After cutting hair ceremony, I ask bong mony to leave early, cause I need to make up this afternoon. 

Also today is my sister birthday. I drop by to buy her a cake and invite her family to have lunch together. Sokun cannot join, cause he still have another work to finish. We have lunch at shushi bar. 



After finish celebrate my sister birthday,  I go for make up. Tonight I have you meet a lot of people who work in the same company like me, so need to be beautiful. He he … 

The party start. It means the fun start as well. Taking photos, drinking, talking and dancing. I have a lot of fun tonight. 



The finally result 

I am going to Thailand alone to listen my result. I always hope it must be a positive result. Today I ask my translator to buy me some stuffs for praying in front of hospital. Feeling hopeful. After finish praying in front of hospital, it time to wait the doctor. A long wait the doctor. Finally my turn have come. I feel so nervous to see the doctor. He open the result. I know it is negative. When I saw the number I can guess. My tear start falling down. I think I didn’t prepare my mind that’s why I can’t control my tear. I ask the result why. The doctor answer the same answer as the first time I fail. I am really get mad with doctor. I alway hope it is easy to get one. Actually, it is not. I wish my husband was next to me. He aways say thing when I am in hard time. I am really upset with this result. Don’t know what to answer to everyone, especially my husband and parents in law. 

Just prepare my mind like my husband if it is us, it’s us. 

The result

today I will get the result of my transfer. I feel so nervous. Waiting a few hours is like a few years. I can’t wait to hear it. My heart is beat fast. My brain thinking about the result. My mind pray for positive one. They call my name to see the doctor. The doctor said the result is positive. I am so happy. I don’t know what to say and ask. However, the doctor say I cannot happy for now. I have to wAit another 10 days to see whether the baby has heart or not. So it means another step to wait. I am so happy sine the first step is success. My hand is shanking , and I don’t know why it becomes like this. Properly I am over happy. 

It’s time to say bye bye to Thailand. I rest enough in bed. Thank my two aunts for accompany me.