I am Back

It has been almost two year that i never update my site in here. life in france keep me busy all the time. now everything is change, cause i am 80% move to live in cambodia. I am not really busy and not really free, but i feel i am close with family and my husband family. that is what i want the most. i feel good, cause i don’t have to shop alone. my sisters can keep me accompany now 😀 sooner or later i will have my permanent job to do. i hope i will spend my life to enjoy all the excitement happen in here afterward.

Today it’s my first time to vote. i already fulfill my duty to be khmer citizenship 😀 how about you? do you vote for the party you like? hehe….
Tomorrow i am going to singapore for my work in 4 days. i hope everything i can settle it 😀
Good night