I Miss Them

                             My youngest sister, My mom, My second older sister

                                                    My nephew and My Niece 

I got some photos from my brother in law. they went to join my cousin’s daughter Baby Shower. seeing the photos, i really miss them. I’m going to see them very soon 😀 

Black Friday Shopping

                                                    For My Family

                                                     For My Sweetheart

                                                     Gift For Myself
All the stuffs i bought in Black Friday

Black Friday is shopping day for everyone here i guess. my sister and me suppose to wake up in the morning in order to get a cheap luggage. however, 9 o’clock in the morning is the early time for us. my sister said we might cannot get one, because we are too late. when we are get into the store, there are many luggage still there. then we go to the Mall, we are shopping until 2 o’clock. we got a lot of stuffs. i feel tired, because there are too many people shopping. this evening we are doing Sach Kor Oach. Yummy 😀

Nicole’s Birthday Gift

I bought This perfume for Nicole birthday. at first, i want to get her a sweater. i think i’m not good at choosing it. when i went to study with her, i pretend to ask her about perfume, so she show me some perfume that she loves. i went go perfume shop with my sister. the staff over there show me different kinds of perfume which smell similar to the one that Nicole love. my sister and me smell at least 30 perfume in order to get the best one for her. we end up to get Betsey Jonhson. I hope she likes it. I also bought some perfume for my families in cambodia when i’m going back. 
Happy Birthday To You 😀

My Mac’s Problem

My laptop always got one problem. the black light went off when i put in adapt power. I brought my laptop to the apple store. first, they change the monitor. they said it properly took 2 or 3 days to fix it. it just one hour. they called me, and it said my laptop is all set. i was using it 3 weeks, the black light went off again. it happens sometime only. i brought my laptop to apple store again. this time they said it properly the motherboard, so they said they are going to replace it for me. this time they said leave my laptop 3 to 4 days. only one day, i got a call for them. I’m not happy at all, because they change monitor and motherboard. these are the main thing on laptop. i used it one night, and it happened again the next day. i really got mad. every time it is happen, i always bring it to the store. i want them to see the problem. this time they said they are going to replace one more thing near the power adapter. i asked the staffs work at genius bar. i asked them whether they are fix my laptop or not. then i asked them to talk with manager in store. i want to ask whether i can add some money and get new one. she said they cannot change the new one for me, because it is policy. she told me that they don’t care how much they spend in order to fix or replace it. they just want customer to be happy. i said how can i feel happy, because you guys change everything and it doesn’t work. there are no more original part on my laptop. she said that all she can does. i didn’t leave my laptop at repair store on that day, because they are not work on sunday. a few days later, i brought my laptop to fix. i brought all my laptop paper work. this time i met one black guy. he asked how come my laptop has a lot of problem, because he saw a bunch of paper on my hand. i told him there is only one problem, but you guys cannot find the problem, and change everything on my laptop. he told me that he’s going to change as the paper work said. i told him that he change can anything, because i don’t trust you guys anymore. i didn’t know what else they are going to change. haha… i asked him how come i cannot change the new one. i’m willing to pay extra money. so he go inside again. this time he came back with good news. he told me that manager decide to change the new laptop for me, but i’m going to pay for extra money. moreover, i have to have the box of laptop and everything else. i went back home and bring everything. it is so funny. i didn’t through away anything, even receipt. some stuff i didn’t open yet. i’m really really happy. This time the manager is a guy, that’s why he is easy than the last manager. hehe… i still not happy with my new laptop. i want 2.8 processor, but in store only 2.5. the only way i can get is online, but they cannot give me store credit. i get the new laptop is the same price as my old one, therefore i didn’t pay anything.
I hope my new laptop works well 🙂 wish me good luck with the new one. 

Bad News From Dj Ano

I just read news from Kosantepheap and everyday about Dj Ano. I feel so bad if it is true. it is so cruel to do this kind of punishment. a few female singers and actresses in cambodia were dead or live like a dead. no one can find the reason why? who we should blame? wife or singer? i think should blame on bad and cheap husband.  

read more : http://www.kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/khmer/ano07_11.htm