We All Love You Uncle Chhe

Just one night we lose our beloved uncle. this is the worst thing happen in my family. my uncle and aunt was rob last night. they both got shot. my uncle passed away on the way to Vietnam, and my aunt still in the hospital. however, she is fine. nothing is going to harm her life. i’m kinda of speechless, cause i don’t want to believe this is happen. when i heard my father voice though the phone, my heart break as two. the voice that i never hear since i was born. i know he was crying. he told me ” Your uncle is hopeless now, he is gone “. my tear was falling down… I pray for those bad people go to hell. why they have to shot innocent people even they got what they want? why our society has these kind of bad people live in? why they don’t go to hell?

You are in heaven now. uncle, but you remain so much meaningful to us. we all love you uncle Chhe!
Thanks my husband who comfort me all day and night!
Bong phy, we are spend a unforgettable time crying together though yahoo voice chat.
While i’m writing this, my heart is in Cambodia with my family. I know you guys in Cambodia are so sad than me, cause you see everything in face. but i’m here with you guys.

Chinese New Year Day 1

Day 1 in Chinese New Year, my family alway go to Takmao ask for “Yon” to protect our family. i never go with them, cause there are a lot of people over there. this year no plan to go anywhere, so i decide to go with my parents. we stuck at Kbal Khnol about half hour, cause people go out everywhere. hehe… we arrived there around 10 AM. wow… many people over there. everything is expensive (pay entrance = 5000 riel, car park = 5000 riel, om pov = 20000) everywhere full of smoke. i didn’t go to temple with mom. i wait outside with dad look at Mong Say. hehe…

My First Year Anniversary

we didn’t go out for dinner, cause we want to have a romantic dinner at home. we help each other cooking for our party. then we just sit and eat step by step with our favorite songs. we talked about our pass funny stories 😀 i’m still loving to hear it. hehe…

1 year is very fast. i feel i still not done much to be a good wife. i’m not a good cook and not a good cleaner as well. haha… need time to learn about it.
I love you honey. I’m proud to say i’m your wife 😀