nightmare …

i had a nightmare last night. i feel it is real, but it just a dream. i shout very loud. my voice made my husband scare. he also shout along as me. he woke up and hugged me. i felt claim down when i realize my husband sleep next to me. i cried, because i’m so afraid. my husband hugged me until i fall asleep. i think i usually have nightmare. sometimes i dream i get lose in the juggle, or a big cat jump on me. when is the scaring part, i always shout, and wake up. i think this week i’m going to buy some fruits and pray in my room.�

My Food

this is my third time and third food that i cook for my husband. haha… I’m expert in Chha Lok Lak i guess. it is my favorite food. i remember i always make it when i was in USA. my brother in law and sister like it, but not my sister’s parents in law. they said i make everything too sweet for them. haha… this time i make for my husband. i guess he likes it as well, because we eat it all.�

Sunday Dinner

it is a raining day. we doesn’t want to go outside at all. my husband still want to bring me outside because i have been staying in the hotel from tuesday to saturday. he said i might get bore and want to see outside world. so we leave the hotel at 8.30 PM. we go to eat something at Hippo. this restaurant is�specialist with beef. this is the third time we go there since i was here. my husband can eat raw meat. when he order beef, he only gets 50% cook. for me i have to get 75% cook. last time, he order 50% cook for me as well, but i feel i’m afraid to eat. haha… this time i try fish. it is good.�

Dinner or Supper?

we eat only 2 times per day. our first breakfast and dinner at 4 PM or a little bit late than that. then i have to wait until my husband finish his work around 11 PM, so we can go to make something to eat. every night we watch one movie. he gots a lot of DVD in his room. i don’t know when i can finish it. we always sleep late around 3 o’clock. i think that is our usual life style. haha…�

Sony T900

I asked my sister to buy me a camera from USA, because it takes long time to wait until it release in France. the camera that i bought is Sony T900. i feel i don’t like the color. when i saw this color online, it looks great. in reality, it is not cool as i think. i should get black instead of silver. 🙁 anyways, i love it! it is cool 😀

Write before my birthday coming

my birthday is coming soon. 3 hours and a half more. i don’t feel excited at all. i’m getting old one more year now. is there a red birthday party happen tomorrow? no i guess. haha… i feel so quiet here. only me and my husband. no family and friends. anyways, i’m a happy women. i know my husband try to do the best for me. he ask me everyday what do i want for birthday? haha…  i also don’t know what do i want from him? haha… i think to be with him is everything for me.