My New Sneaker

It is call Blowfish Flannel Hobbit. san and me find this sneaker since last month, but we cannot find the right size for us. my friend decide to buy a bit bigger than her feet, so i decide to wait until next ship. finally, i got one now from delia. it is just coming this morning. however, winter nearly past. i’m not gonna wear it a lot. hehe…

No more phone and camara :-(

i’m kinda of boring without phone. i think i might addicted with phone in some ways. my friend or fake brother just sold my phone these few days ago in cambodia. it is very cheap only 360 $ for my one year N95. when i brought it, i spent almost 800 $. i called to my mother, she blame me about the phone. she said next time i just buy a simple phone. every phone can talk. i don’t have to waste money with the phone. everytime i discuss with my mother about phone. we always have argument. hehe… anyways, i still buy what i want. she cannot disagree because it is my money. i don’t know what kind of phone i should use right now? i feel i don’t like any kinds of phone right now. i’m thinking about iphone because i want to use touchscreen. these few days ago, i saw the news on internet. it said nokia is gonna release a new phone call S61. it likes iphone. i cannot wait to see it. anyways, i don’t want to wait so long. hehe… on the other hand, my camara is also with my mother. nothing i can take picture anymore. hehe…

i hope i can get neither phone or camara, so i can take picture and post again. 😀

My chinese friends’ good news

yesterday is one of my chinese friend’s wedding. her wedding on Jan 19,2008 is one year she know her husband. unfortunately, i cannot join 🙁 i have four best chinese female friends. two of them are marry. another one is going to marry soon in this year. humm… only me alone . anyways, i wish mengchu and her husband love each other forever and ever! i know i’m not gonna see her when i go back. she is leaving for australia soon. however, we never know, she might come back when i …

on the other hand, one of my male chinese friend just engage as well. both of them are lucky. hey guo seng, you are the first man in the group. hehe… here are some photos he just sent to me.

congratulation with meng chu and guo seng!


Valentine’s day is coming soon. it only one month more. I’m thinking of buy presents for my boyfriend and family. i don’t know what is the best yet. 😀 this is the video that i made for kun last year along with my gift for him. let enjoy it!

Sad News

i just received a very sad news from phekdey. she left me an intant message by yahoo messger. she said a pu rithy’s mother had pass away. she had died because of stomach cancer. she is a kind mother. i met her a few times before i came to usa. it is a bad news for our group. anyways, cheer up rithy! i know it is difficult for you to confront this problem. however, our friends are by your side.

My Brother in law Birthday

My brother in law is a young kind man. today is his birthday. he is 26 year old now but he still handsome guy. hehe… my sister make soup for her husband’s birthday. i can say it is a good soup because my sister spent one day and half to cook it. hehe… everyone said it is delicious. congratulation sister! you are a good cooker now. at least you are better than me:-D I order one cake for my brother in law and i still not buy a gift for him yet. hehe.. i will go to mall tomorrow to buy a gift for him. anyway, he got a lot of envelops for his birthday. i think he doesn’t want my gift anymore. 😀 we have a great night together with my aunt’s family and my brother in law’s friends. especailly, the soup tast so good. i didn’t have much photos because i’m a camara girl. hehe… let enjoy some photos i took

happy birthday to you ning theara! best wishes for you!

2 Years in USA ==> A story of my life

Time run so fast. Today is my 2 years birthday living in the United States, and it also my brother in law birthday. I want to share one story about my first day left cambodia and the first day i arrived USA. I hope you enjoy my true story of mine. i know i was so weak at that time, but it is a good experience in my life.

On 06 Jan 2006 I left Cambodia for the United States. This is my first time travel by my self and it is a journey that I cannot forget in my life. After I said good bye to my families and all of my friends, I was sitting in the waiting room because the plane was delay. I cannot control my tears. It always dropped down whenever I thought of my memories here. Time was up for delay hour. I walked in the plane and said good bye to one of my friend and my uncle who were working in the airport. Unfortunately, when I dragged my luggage into the plane, it spoiled the hand where I can lug it. I started nervous.

My sit near two old ladies, they are so nice. They saw I was crying so they gave me some encourage words. After a while, I was thinking about my luggage, how I can carry one luggage and two bags at the same. I started to worry about it then I asked one lady sat next to me whether I could buy a new luggage. She said if I bought in Singapore was expensive and she thought I didn’t have enough time as well. I was sad because I guess I didn’t have enough power to carry it. In the plane, I talked with both of them a lot. The old lady who sat next to me, she always held my hand because she knew that I felt not well being always for family. I felt very warm from the hand she held me.

About two hours later the plane arrived to Singapore, I took out my luggage to carry. Luckily, the two old ladies helped me to carry each of my luggages. They said “they had experiences of travel, I didn’t need to worry.” I didn’t know how to thank you both of them. Moreover, they called one lady who was working at Singapore airport helped me for check in. Actually, I really didn’t know where I should go because the airport was bigger than my country. After I left them, four or five old ladies hugged me one by one. Especially, the one who sat next to me, she hugged me many times and she said “don’t worry baby, you will be fine.” I didn’t know how to say beside thank you word. My tears dropped down again. Then I followed the young lady went to chick in and I met one young man who came from Cambodia as well. He names Vitiea. He is about 18 years old. We started to make friend because only both of us are Cambodian. At least, we can understand and help each other more.

After check in, he wanted to buy phone card to call his mother and I also bought too. I called to my mom to let her knew my situation. Furthermore, we both not sure about the time flight therefore we were late. We run very fast because we still have five minute more. Two of flight attendants help us to carry some luggage. The plane from Singapore to LA is very big. Unfortunately, my sit number and he were not near each other. Meanwhile, the plane still had a lot of space so that we can sit together. We both look like the person who came from countryside to city because we not understandable about the plane system. We look around and saw all the passengers have earphone for listened to the video on the plane. Then we click all the points on the chair but it didn’t have it. So I decided to ask flight attendant and she took the handset for us. We laughed at each other for we knew how to get it. After that we started to read one book that Vitiea’s father wrote for him about all his experiences. I really admire vitiea’s father and I was crying along all the stories that I had read. The plane arrived at Tai Pei and all the passengers need to go out and check in again. We carried all the stuffs to sit in the waiting room. Vitiea helped me to carry my stuffs and I carried his stuffs. I know he was heavy but I didn’t have choice.

From this time on, Vitiea and I cannot sit together. I need to sit in the front and he sat in the back but our sit in the same roll. I sat in the middle between two men. Sometime it was difficult for me to go to the rest room because they were sleeping. In addition, I didn’t want to interrupt them as well. A Very long way and it was so boring for me though no one that I can talk to. Furthermore, I cannot eat much because the food tests not well to me. I just listened to music and tried to sleep.

After a day sat on the plane, finally we were arrived LA. I started to think without Vitiea how I can carry all these stuffs by myself. I was getting nervous again. We went to take all luggages that came out from plane. We both try to help each other carry one by one put on the cart. All my stuffs nearly 100 kg but I pushed Vitiea’s luggage because it was lighter than mine. Vitiea met his grandmother and his uncle. I greeted with them and they are nice people. At the same time, Vitiea’s uncle helped me to ask where I should go to check in again because I need to change to other plane to Boston. He helped me to push all my stuffs walked along the way from gate 1 to 7 and it about 1 km long. I just walked and run with him. I thought if I didn’t meet Vitiea and his family, how I can handle with these situations. Vitiea’s uncle accompanies me until arrived at the check in place. I really appreciated for his helped and said good bye at the last time. I pushed my big two luggage to weigh and I pushed the rest stuffs on the cart went to security check in point. The lady who was working at there said “I cannot pushed the cart in and I only can take two bags. In contrast, I carried three so I need to separate three into two. I though out all my personal things and I keep all my friends gifts.

After I can across the security point, I went to find a place to sit down and I just cried while I was trying to look for unnecessary things to though away again. Meanwhile, I really didn’t care who were looking at me because I didn’t know how to do. Moreover, I didn’t think the way to the waiting room was near me because the airport was so big. I just tried my best to carry it. I felt I didn’t have any power to go on. Suddenly, I saw the cart at other side of me. I was very happy as I can see God. Therefore I just keep all my stuffs and run to take it. Yet I still don’t know how to put the money to take the cart out. Luckily, one lady over there helped me to take it. I went back to take all my stuffs and asked where I should go to check in. I asked many passengers if I was going to the wrong way.

At last, I arrived at the check in place and I tried to use the telephone to call my sister who lives in Lowell. Though I didn’t how to use that public phone and in time was very short for me because they call all the passengers go in the plane. I carried three bags in the same time. I still can imagine how hard it is at that time. When I went to the plane, the space for walk way was small. It was difficult to carry my stuffs in. eventually, the man who sat next to the way asked me “what can I do for you?” I smiled at him and said “can I keep one luggage with you and I go to find my sit first and I will come back to take it.” He said “It’s ok.” On the other hand, I didn’t care what my mother told me before I left. My mom said “don’t keep my stuffs with other persons because it might be dangerous.” I really didn’t know how to do beside keep one and carry only two bags went in.

My sit number was at the back on the plane. Everyone at there smiled at me but I just gave them a smile with unhappy face. Suddenly, I heard the declaration from the plane looking for the owner of the luggage. So I just run to the front told them it was mine. Flight attendant helped me to find the place to put it. I came back to my sit and I cannot control my tears anymore. I just cried and looking at my hand. My both hands became red and some places came out with my blood. I felt hurt so much. I never felt difficult like this time and I told myself that from now on I will have a lot of things to handle. Everyone looked at me while I was crying but I didn’t care who were laughing or pity at me. I sat next to the old Chinese man. He often looked at me and I just gave him a smile when I felt a bit better. He cannot walk well so I always helped him when he went to the rest room. I cannot sleep on the plane even one minute. Moreover, I didn’t know this plane didn’t offer meal for passengers. Plus I so bored to listen the music that I dislike.

The plane arrived at Boston at 5 o’clock in the morning. I started to worry again about my stuffs that I need to carry and where I should go next. When I arrived in the front door, I saw the old Chinese man sat next to me come out from plane with the cart. Actually, it was not the public cart that I thought because he cannot walk well that’s why he use wheelchair keep from falling. Because of I didn’t know about wheelchair I asked him where you get the cart from. He didn’t reply me and he just lifted my stuffs put on his cart. I walked along with him even I didn’t know where he went to and where I should go. He didn’t talk with me even I tried to ask him. I guessed he cannot speak English and he just understands what I tried to tell him. I was thinking of my sister whether I could find her or not. Then I and the old Chinese man want to enter elevator. Luckily, my sister, brother in law and my aunt was waiting for me in front of the elevator. I didn’t notice and I just tried to help that old man push the cart. Immediately, my sister called me. I found her though her voice. When I saw her I was very happy and I run to hug her with my tears were rolling down. She asked me why I am crying. I said I was very difficult. I felt I just like three years kid at that time because a whole journey full of tears.

After that I said good bye to the old Chinese man and thank for he helped me, then my sister brought me to take my stuffs from plane and we went home. On the way, I saw the snow at the first time in my life. I was delighted and surprised when I arrived home. Everyone knew and called my name correctly. My sister brought me to my room where I need to stay when I was here. The room was smaller than my room but it was pretty nice with blue wall. It had one blue bed and one PC in there. I put all my stuffs and go down to have a shower. It very cool over here even I used hot water. After that my sister and her husband brought me to have breakfast because I felt so hungry. I ate a big bowl of noodle soup. It tested good and I didn’t feel tire at all. My sister asked me to take a rest but I didn’t want because all of them need to go to the bank. Therefore I went to the bank with them.

On the way back home, I felt my body itchy and full of rash. I hurry to tell my sister when we nearly arrived home. Suddenly, my face became swollen. She took me went to my room but I said I cannot see her face clearly. My sister and her husband brought me went down and prepare went to hospital. I just arrived down stair then I fell down and unconscious for a few minute. I just heard my brother in law asked me “do you hear me?” and I tried to speak out “I hear.” My sister so worry about me. She called to 911 and my brother in law gave me a massage then I can see his face clearer and clearer. I told my sister no need to call 911 because I heard the old lady rent my sister’s father in law said “It’s so expensive to call ambulance, it costs about 500-700 dollar.” I told my sister that I’m ok now then she asked me back for make sure. So that she called to cancel it but they said “they still come to check me.” two minute later, it has hospital car, police car and fire car. I saw a lot of people came in the house. Two men put something in my nose for oxygen and they tested a lot of thing from my body. After that they said “I need to go to hospital.” So they put me on the bed and carry into the ambulance car. When I arrived to hospital, they put a lot of material on my body and took my blood to test. I didn’t understand what the doctors did on me. My body cannot stop sharking and I felt very cool. After 3 hours in the hospital, the result came. They said I was ok and because of I so tired and cannot eat or I might be got allergy with something. In contrast, my face still swollen and I felt cannot open my eyes properly. It was very small and my face was not look like me at all. Moreover, I slept a whole day when I arrived home. Everyone here is worry about me, especially my mother. She called to me very often from Cambodia because she afraid about my health.

I felt very hard at the first day when I came to the United States. But it will be my new world and I will get used to it. I always remind myself that now I don’t live with my parents any more, so I have to learn to do everything by my own in my new place.

Kimberly’s Birthday

Kimberly’s father decorate the house Kimberly’s mother make it. my sister also help not meHere is birthday princess Kimberly

Kimberly and her sister Tammy

I went to join kimberly’s birthday this afternoon. actually, her birthday on 7 Jan like my brother in law. it also means 2 days more i live here 2 years already. that is so fast for me. bong chanthy (kimberly’s mother) want to make birthday today because everyone has day off on weekend expect me . i just went there to ate and then went to work. i gave kimberly a rabbit doll. i hope she like it. hehe… i cannot enjoy with them. so bad…

New Year Day 2008

Jan 1, 2008 is New Year day. hehe… I and my sister’s family went to woburn to eat dam sum. i am really hungry because it almost 2 o’clock. only me and my sister ate a lot. i want to eat “Tov Hu” but it doesn’t have it. you know what? it was snowing on new year day. after that i went to bong Nary’s house (my sister’s friend). she made penty of foods. however, there are no space in my belly anymore. we watched one movie called ” I am a legend”. i heard that it is a good movie but i didn’t like it. hehe… i think i maybe not understand the whole story. then we watched another movie, but i didn’t remember the title. it was funny. before we went home, we ate “Bach Hoy” that bong nary made. it was delicious. i’m so full today. i think it will gain more weight when i go back to cambodia. everyone is not gonna recognize me. hehe…