Hang out with my best friends in NUM

With my girls, i alway have a happy smile. it has been a long time that we never meet face to face. i’m missing our chit chat. when we are together, we share our private secret to each other. that’s girl habit. isn’t it? one of my friend in NUM is nearly getting marry (Chhiv Hong). Congratulation buddy! I also meet two another friends in City Mall. Da is a girl in my group as well, and one more friend. we have a nice evening together 😀

I Miss You

I miss your smile in the morning

I miss the word ” good morning” from your mouth
I miss your call from the bathroom ” give the towel to me”
I miss your face when i apply the lotion on it
I miss your voice whenever you ask for socks
I miss your kiss before you leave home to workplace
I miss the ring bell when you come back
I miss your weird smile when you come home from work
I miss the time we listen to RFA together
I miss the snack we eat when we watch short khmer comedy on internet
I miss your question ask me ” would you want to go outside?”
I miss our Audi TT
I miss your tired snore when you sleep at noon
I miss your hurry action when you know you will be late again
I miss your telephone around 9 ask me ” what are you doing? what do you have for dinner?”
I miss your telephone around 10.30 tell me you will be back soon and ask for food when you are hungry
I miss your telephone call tell me “honey, you don’t have to eat dinner a lot. i will hurry back home to have dinner with you”
I miss our red wine at supper time
I miss our laugh when we watch khmer comedy
I miss the red sofa when we lay on to watch movie
I miss your hug when i am afraid of horror movie that you play
I miss your funny words when i brush my teeth before go to bed
I miss the red bed in our bed room
I miss your bed time stories
I miss your mocking words on my face
I miss your ” Krob Bek” stories. haha…
I miss your body that i always give a massage every night before sleep
I miss your arm and chest that i alway lay on
I miss your soft words ask me ” where do i go?” when i wake up at night
I miss your comfort words when i have a nightmare, you always said ” it is ok, it just a dream”
I miss your action when you wake up and ask me sleep next to you
I miss your peace snore at night
I miss the sound of several alarm clock in the morning, but we always get up until the last alarm clock.
I miss you
I really miss you
I do miss you……

Last dinner at Second time leaving

Here are some of the photos at our romantic dinner. this is the last dinner at my second leaving Toulouse to Cambodia. i don’t have time to upload, cause i leave my reflect camera in France.

we had dinner at Center ville. this is a new restaurant that my husband just get the address from his client in his workplace. the restaurant is small and underground, but it has a well decoration. the price of the foods quiet expensive. hehe… i like the light in the restaurant. look so calm to me.

New Year Day

He got out early from work just want to take me out for dinner to celebrate New Year together. we went to Hippopotamus restaurant, cause it open quiet late then other restaurant. i am having a great time with my husband. we talked about things that we remember when we was young. i feel 3 months this time is very fast. i don’t want to leave from him. hopefully, this is our last far away. i will miss his bed time stories which make me laugh and angry every night 😀 we have a glass of red wine when the time turn 12 o’clock

Happy New Year 2010

it another year pass, and i hope i can forget everything bad in past. i have delete all the stuffs which give me a sad feeling when i look at it. everything is gone this morning. i am sure i will be a happy woman 😀

Happy New Year 2010
wish you guys healthy, wealthy, successfully, happily 😀
What is your New Year resolution? for me, i will work hard on French language and learn how to cook more . i know my husband wait for my 2010 foods