Met Nicole’s Ganddaughters

I was late on wednesday. i suppose to be there at 5 something. anyways, i’m a bit busy and also traffic. Nicole’s granddaughters (chloe and Lucy) also there. i felt guilty because they were waiting for me. i don’t know how to kill my bad habit. i always late all the time. i think my next year resolution is “Be on time”. hehe… I also met chloe’s boyfriend. he is a cute and nice guy. i have a very good conversation with them. moreover, we had dinner together. the food prepare by Nicole. haha… I was so happy that’s why i forget to take photos. i also got a good new. guess what? i learn how to swim with chloe and lucy. I’m glad they can spend their value time to teach me. this is my dream. i will start next week. hopefully, i can learn fast. 

I’m in mood UnHappy

my happy mood not only one day yet, sadness is hunting my feeling. i don’t want to mention about it. let it go far far away… 

please stay away from my life. i don’t know you and you don’t know me. we are not enemy,  not friend neither. hehe… 
I’m try to do my best. this time i’m not that i’m not doing something wrong. i have to show what i feel. 
good night

I Miss You So Bad

bong kun went to Paris a week with his mom and cousins. I am really missing him. it is so boring without him around. no one make me laugh. i always see him when i came back from work. at the weekend, we always talk until we don’t have anything to talk about. humm…. i wish a week will go fast. I really want to see his face, even by webcam 🙁

I miss you so much honey

Dinner with Nicole at Nany’s Air Field

yesterday i went to Nicole’s house. I never see her for a long time since my mom came. we talked and talked, because we had many stories told each other. moreover, i really enjoy drink the Lemon water that nicole made. after a long talk, nicole brought me to Air Field near her house. she said she always brought her sons there while they was young. it is a nice place, and there is a restaurant over there. nicole likes the chief over there. at first, i thought nicole brought me to see air plane. actually, she brought me to have dinner. we had a wonderful dinner. this is my first time tried Mexican Food. it was so good. unfortunately, i didn’t remember the name. i just know it is fish. hehe…. the staffs who working in the restaurant are friendly and take care of customers. while we were sitting in the restaurant, we can saw the private air plane take off and landing. however, i didn’t see one. hehe…. i will come again next time for just seeing the plane 🙂 
thank nicole for bring me to the wonderful restaurant 🙂

Sad News :-(

I just received a very sad news from my mom. she called me last night. she told me that Tou’s father had pass away yesterday. i know it’s going to happen sooner or later since tou had told me last time. tou is my best friend at RUA (Royal University of Agriculture). i also treat him as my brother because he always take care of me while i study over there. i used to see his father a few times when he still alive. mostly i met tou’s mother. she is a kind woman, and she likes me as well 🙂 

the day that tou’s father passed away is the day that tou has to leave cambodia come to study at USA. his father pass away at 7AM, and his flight at 10 AM. he already cancel the flight and change the schedule. he wants to finish all the ceremony. i told him that he should come at least a week ahead. i’m afraid he cannot catch up with other students. i can understand his feeling. 🙁 i called to him last night and i also talked with his mother. my cousin also go to help them with ceremony. i also asked my mom “Chol Bon” for me and bong kun. 
i don’t want to get old because i’m afraid of sickness. Pu Rithy’s mom just passed away last year, and now Tou’s father passed away yesterday. they both pass away from illness. 🙁 this is the cycle of life i guess. 

Iphone 3G in store

i got out my work at 4 PM, then i went to Burlington Mall. i went to apple store to ask about iphone. many of my friends ask me to buy for them. i think i might be phone store. hehe… my friends said they will sell lock and unlock phone the same time. i know it is not real news, but i just want to make sure. when i arrived there, i saw two long line in front of apple store. hehe… they are waiting to buy iphone 3G. i ask apple stuffs, they said there is no unlock phone. if you want to buy you have to stay in line, and activate the phone with at&t in apple store as well. hehe… i wish they sell unlock phone too, so i can get one. 😀 i am sick of waiting of new model phones coming.