Our Ipad

Cars, laptops, cameras, and all the technology is my husband favorite. almost everyday he watches car advertisement even 5 or 10 minutes when he come back from work. that’s him. hehe… we get our ipad on the first day it is available in France. i told him that we can buy from USA, cause it is cheaper than here, but he can’t stand to wait for it.
here is his new toy 😀

Dine out

It such a weird restaurant. i think it is a first time and last time to try as well. the decoration is fine, but the don’t like the light. i feel like i’m in the bar. hehe… you can find the meat which you are rarely eat in here. today i try several meats that i never have before such as kangaroo, shark, crocodile, and more. even there are a lot of meats rarely to eat, but the dishes are not good.

Pu Seng Birthday (05 May 2010)

we make a little party for Pu seng, cause everyone works today. he is a gentle, and kind person. my husband and I really like him. we buy one comfortable chair for him. he like to watch movie on internet, so my husband decide to buy a chair for him easy and enjoy watching the movie.

Happy birthday!
we wish you good health, long life, and success in everything you do.

Dine out

Let me introduce a new restaurant that i didn’t remember the name. hehe… the decoration of the restaurant like we are sitting at the countryside. every decoration are old. the food i rate for 7/10. anyways, it is a good thing to try a good place.