Phnom Ta Mao

Zoo is our favorite place to go on weekend. since we start to have kids, we always spend our weekend for them. today we bring them to Ta Mao Zoo. my kids love to see the animals. this weekend i feel not much people come to Ta mao zoo. there are a few cars only. feeling quiet, but we enjoy the foods over there.

here are the photos we took

Ladies night out

Last time we go to poipet, our relative over there bring us to have fun many place. Tonight they are come to Phnom Penh, so it our turn to accompany them back. We have dinner at moto restaurant. Guess how many bottle of red wine we are finish? 6 bottles baby. He he …. they are so strong. I just accompany them also drunk as well. We have so much fun. We sing a long with the singer. Everyone in the restaurant looking at us. We act like we don’t care. In reality a little bit ashamed as well. He he …..