Air pods

Finally it arrive. My husband ask my big sister order for him since it come out. Now it is on his hand. He is so happy  to get it. I also hope it help him  a lot. Prevent not to talk direct phone with ear. My husband talk on the phone many hours per day, and sometime I am so afraid it effect to his ear. Now it time for AirPods to help him to cut down.  

Blink blink

It almost one year that I buy these diamond from France. But I never have time to do it. Last month my cousins accompany me to choose the model of my ring and ear ring. Finally today it is done.

Is it beautiful? I love it so much 😍


I got a gift from my boss. An expensive shoes that i never have. unfortunately, i don’t know how to wear high heel 🙁 thinking i should learn how to wear it. right now, it becomes my house decoration 🙂

anyways, thank boss


My Vertu

This evening we go to Sofitel to pick up our phone. i am so excited to get a gift from my boss. my boss give only 10 persons in the company. one of them is Me ^-^ the phone cost 8,700$. the model that boss give is out of stock. so my husband add some more money to get me another model. and cost 11,000$. it’s white with diamond. I love it so much. Thank to my boss and my husband.

IMG_1513 IMG_1514 IMG_1516 IMG_1683

After that we bring our parents go to eat Chinese foods at Sofitel. I just want to bring them to taste a lot of foods in cambodia. I think the foods is ok, but it’s just locate in 5 star hotel only.

IMG_1507 IMG_1508 IMG_1510