I Found her

I found her from hi5. i got a bunch of photos from her wedding. she is a beautiful bride ever! i really really happy to see all the photos. last few days, i just see a video that she made for me when i left cambodia. i cried so bad. every time i watch that video, i cannot stop myself crying. i cannot forget everything that had pass. sometimes i ask myself how to forget that moment of life. it so hurt and memorable.

Miss you
Y & P

Baby Shower (Borey’s Niece)

it was a baby shower party at Borey’s house last saturday. there were a lot of people join the party, but it was raining all day. so it is difficult for guests, because no space to eat. the foods very good. i didn’t have a chance to try all of them, because i’m too shy. whenever have many people watching me when i get the foods, i didn’t brave to take much. haha… i met some new people. we talked, ate and laughed together. most of my friends didn’t join. i didn’t take any photos, because most of people in the table don’t close to me. anyways, it was fun party. i didn’t stay longer, because kun is waiting for me online. 

Job Announcement

PRET Global Investment Co., Ltd is a leading company which providing the best services to all Prets during Pchum Ben Day in Cambodia. Our Services are passport application, visa, overseas call, air ticket, hotel & restaurant booking….etc. We currently invite all interested candidates to fill the following vacant posts: 1 Country Director (3,500$/15days) 1 General Manager (2,000$/15days), 1 Account & Admin Manager (1,000$/15days), 3 Cashiers (200$/15days), 10,000 Cookers (150$/15days), 1,000 Security Guards (100$/15days) & 10,000 Cleaners (100$/15days). 

Please send your resume with recent photo size 1m x 2m through e-mail: prets.hungryeveryday@pagoda.com. 
Please do not forget find 3 Prets as your references who are close relative with you. Thanks.

good luck guys 😀

Happy Birthday To My Sweetheart

I took a day off, because today is my boyfriend birthday. I spent a day with him in front of computer. however, he is very very busy with his work. we didn’t talk much, but i’m happy to hear his voice. seeing he is busy with his work, i really want to help. this month it is going to be a tough month for him. there are a few new staffs that he has to teach. moreover, one chef also sick. he has to responsible everything in hotel and restaurant. i have to learn French very fast in order to help him when i get there 🙁 

good night everyone