Michelin 1 star at Topaz

Tonight my husband bring me to test the foods at topaz. There is a event for Michelin 1 star come to make foods. I take a menu with no drink and my husband of cause with a drink. I feel the food is ok, and I love the dessert the most.

Here is some of our photos

With the chief 

Farewell lunch for Evelyn

Evelyn can spend only three week in Cambodia. Today she will go back to the states. I invite her and our family to have traditional Khmer food at “one more restaurant ” I hope she enjoy the moment spent with us, and hope to each other again soon.

Have a safe flight back to the states.

Evelyn favorite

Evelyn love to eat banh chhav. She said she can eat up to 7 or 8. Tonight we bring her to gain her wish. I told her that she love to eat this things in Cambodia is perfect , cause if she loves to eat steak, it might be expensive.

Here is our photo of the night:-)

Second day of Khmer New Year

First of all, I want to say happy Khmer new year to everyone. This year is the year of rooster. It is the best year for me, cause I have twin babies rooster .

While everyone in my family went to siam reap for sangkran. Me and my husband stay home. It is sad but the only way to pretect my princes.

This morning we went out for breakfast at one more restaurant then we went for movie

Guess what we are watching ? Fast and furious 8. We were waiting for so long. It is very good. We really enjoy it 

after that we have lunch at new japanese restaurant. I forget what is call. But it is grill meat. It is delicious. Then we go back home to rest a bit. Around 4 PM, we went to pick up our parent in law go to our land next to river then we will have lunch together.

Evening come, my family are back from Siam reap, so we end up to have Chinese foods together and I end up to pay as well. He he … we had our Chinese foods at Pao Ke resto. 

The second day of Khmer new year is finish 😁

First day of Khmer New Year

One year to one year past by so fast. And we are getting old thought that. This year the rooster angel eat banana and it easy to find. 

This is how we celebrate our small decoration for welcome new year.

Then we went out to have lunch. We also go to pick up my parent in law. My dad in law doesn’t want to go, only my mother in law join us. We went to my husband favorite traditional Khmer foods. It call Malis resto. It is beautiful and clean resto. The foods in Good. The resto rank the best trip adverser in Phnom Penh. 

This is how we eat like a boss.  Tonight we went to have French foods, and it also my husband favorite resto. He really often go there. We have a romantics dinner over there. Just two of us . Enjoy the delicious food and good envirnment.

Even we cannot go far away from home, but I know my husband doing his best to acccompany me the whole time.

16 weeks checking

It’s time to meet doctor again, and also it’s time to see my little two boys😍

This time we also bring my parents in law come to check up. I ask someone to accompany them go to another hospital for genaral check up. Me and my husband go to meet my doctor for ultrasound.

Arrive hosptial, waiting to meet doctor. First of all everything is perfect. Doctor said my babies boy are healthy and everything going well. I am so happy. After finish with doctor, I went to bathroom. I didn’t realize I am bleeding until I use itssue to swipe it. I feel very nervous and I come back ask to see doctor again. Doctor check he said he saw very little blood. He said maybe this is the first time I am pregnant and I have two kids. My kids might kick me and I need to cut down my activity. Actually, I don’t know how to cut down activities since I never go somewhere far. I am very careful every moment that I am pregnant. I am so worry about the bleeding, but my doctor said it is ok. He add one more medicine for me. And I need to come back tomorrow before I am go back home. So I went back to hotel and rest.

When my parents in law are finish we check up, we went to have something to eat at central world. Then come back to rest again. I didn’t tell them that I am bleeding, cause I am afraid they are worry.

Tonight i ask my parent in law to go up 55 floor to eat something, but they said they are tired, and not hungry. So we end up eating just two of us. 

Morning come before we flight back. I pray in my heart hopefully everything is ok. I tell my two babies boy have to be strong with me.

After doctor checking, he said it is fine. No need to worry. Just take the medicine and rest more. so I am a bit happy now. 

Happy birthday to Me ^_^

33 is just the number, but I am feel like I don’t grow up. Hopefully when I have kids, I will be more mature. I feel I still like having fun. Want to dance or sing as long as i hear music. I alway want to travel and have fun. My husband is older then me only 7 month, but he seems so mature than me. He he …

this year I will have a small red party with my family again. However, I cannot drink, so I think I less happy than normal. Plus i cannot dance, that is the worst thing. He he ….

it seems my family have a lot of fun. They are drink, dance and sing . My nephew doesn’t want go home, cause we love to dance. However, he has school tomorrow. Finally some of them are drunk. He he ….

Thank everyone come to spend these wonderful moment with me. I am so happy.

Especially thank to my best husband who surprise me by your sweet cake and plus sponsor the whole party ^_^

i love you honey ❤️