Father’s Day 2017

We never celebrate Father’s Day with our dad for a long time since he live in USA. We only can show by photos post in Facebook.

Today I want to order a cake for my husband. Unfortunately, I don’t have any ride and my husband also busy this evening with boss. So I end up go out for dinner with bong phorn’s family. On the way go to restaurant, I drop by Tous les jour to buy a cake for my husband and I also buy one for my brother in law. Tonight we have dinner at whole steak house restaurant. It’s about meat lover.

here are some photos of us

After finish dinner, I ask my youngest sister to bring me to my parent in law house and I also drop by to buy a cake for my father in law. Actually, my husband want to bring my parents in law out for dinner but he is busy with customer from china. Guess my father in law surprise by the cake. He is a old fashion people. He might doesn’t know what kind of today and why people doing it. We just do it for him. Just for him happy.

ចុងក្រោយគឺធ្វើអោយលោកប្ដីខ្ញុំភ្ញាក់ផ្អើល ព្រោះគាត់ជិតក្លាយជាឪពុកគេហើយ។ នេះជានំខេកលើកទី១ ក្នុងទិវាបុណ្យឪពុក ហើយនឹងមានបន្ដបន្ទាប់ទៀតនៅឆ្នាំបន្ទាប់ ហើយពេលកូនយើងធំ សង្ឃឹមថាពួកគេនឹងធ្វើអោយពួកយើងរំភើបម្ដង។ គ្រាន់តែលឺសំលេងប្ដី បើកទ្វារចូលបន្ទប់ភ្លាម ខ្ញុំក៏ប្រញាប់ប្រញាល អុជទាន និង រកកន្លែងពូន កុំអោយគាត់ឃើញ។ លោកប្ដីដូចរៀងស្រឿងពីក្រៅមកហើយមើលទៅ ។ ពេលគាត់ដើរចូលបន្ទប់ ខ្ញុំក៏ចេញមក និយាយថា surprise លោកប្ដីខ្ញុំសួរថា អីគេនឹង? ខ្ញុំដឹងថា បងសប្បាយចិត្តណាស់ ពេលឃើញនំ ។ ខ្ញុំប្រាប់អោយប្ដីខ្ញុំប៉នប្រាថ្នា ហើយផ្លុំទានទៅ ។

This is how Father’s Day end for me 🙂


His sickness

Hearing that you are sick, it break my heart into pieces. I am angry that you are hire your sickness from me. Do you know my tear drop down cause I am so worry about you? I know you are busy with your work, but at least take care of your health first.

One month ago, I bring him to check up at thailand hospital, the doctor said he got heart problem. He need to consider putting the battery in heart. But he didn’t tell me and ask my friend to keep in privacy. I know you are worry that I was shock to hear it and you know that I am going to transfer embryo for having baby soon. You don’t want to make me worry. After I know everything, I was angry and plus worry. I am hurry to book appointment to see doctor in Singapore, cause we cannot trust one doctor. We have to make sure everything is correct. He agree to take a few days leave.

Day 1

seeing a specialist heart doctor at Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore. After a few test, the doctor said his heart condition is not serious.  We like taking out a big stone in the heart. However, I ask doctor re do everything. We want to make sure everything is alright. Doctor ask to put machine in his body 24 hours in order to make sure his heart is normal.

Looking at this photo, my heart break. I am so pity of him. Be strong my husband.

At night, we go around Clark quay and have dinner over there.

My friend Ka who accompany us go to hospital. 

After the doctor said, it is not serious. We can put the smile on our face.

Day 2

check up everything again. Make sure we go back with smile. 

You will alright my handsome husband 🙂


after the whole morning check up, we went to the mall near the hospital to have lunch. Christmas is coming soon.  Everywhere is beautiful by decoration Christmas theme. 

We have another test to go on at the afternoon. Running baby 🙂 

Finally the result come. The heart problem is not a serious problem anymore. However, he got some issue as well. Need to make some medicine and come back in 3 months to check again. He has to cut down alcohol and do some exercise slow slow.

After finish with doctor, we go to marina bay sand for shopping.

Tonight we try Singaporean food. It was so good together with a good news from doctor. 

2 days check up make us feel release. I am so happy that it is not serious. However, he has to take care of his health more.

Baby , I will stand by your side forever. No matter what happen, we alway hold hand and encourage each other forever.