Transfer Day

today is the day i have to transfer my egg. the transfer time is 1:30PM. this morning i spend the whole morning looking for the hotel to stay. first i decide to stay in hospital. after one night in hospital, i feel uncomfortable. i hurt all my body when i get up. I visit three hotels. 5 star, 4 star, and 3 star. finally i get the 3 star. hehe… 5 star is too expensive, and i cannot enjoy the facilities over there. 4 star the price is ok, but the staff is unfriendly, so i decide to get the 3 start around by the malls. so my aunt can walk around. she don’t have to stay in the hotel all day like me. the time is come. i have to pee before 1 PM after that i cannot pee until the process is finish. at 1: 30PM the nurse come to take me at my room. they give me to change the clothes, then it’s time to sit on wheelchair again. hehe…. they push me to other room which i have to put on the special trouser. then they bring me to the transfer room. i have to lay down half hour in order to wait for my doctor to come. the nurse check my belly 2 times make sure i have enough water in my belly. hehe… everything is good, expect i have to wait the doctor with nervous feeling. 2: 10 PM the nurse come and told me the doctor late another 20 min. it’s no choice to compliant anything. then she come back again told me the doctor is here, so she start prepare the place. now it’s time to transfer. the doctor come to the room. he told me that the result of my blood test yesterday is good. the nurse call my name to make sure the egg is mine. there is the TV show me how the nurse collect my egg. it’s so quick to transfer. i can say 2 minutes. after that they give me lay down. i am really want to pee, but i am afraid that it doesn’t good for me. so i try to force not to pee. i lay down on the bed until 3: 45PM, so i call the nurse, cause i am really want to pee. the nurse say that i can go now. they bring me to change the clothes and i am ready to go to the hotel. start from now on, i have to act everything slowly. better lay down on the bed, not to walk too much. eat and drink carefully. I hope i will success this time 🙂