Good night

Having a nightmare, it such a terrible time. i wish everything is not like the dream. i’m so afraid to be alone. i sure i can’t be alone as well. i’m so afraid when i beg everyone to stay, but they are gone. how i live without the person i love around? i can’t imagine to live without my husband, family, friends, and people that i know around. it such living in the hell. my feel is unstable. i wish i can go back to sleep. i wish i can go back to sleep. i wish i can go back to sleep. i don’t want to wake my husband up whenever i have a bad dream. i need him sleep next to me forever and ever. i feel release from frighten. he is my life saver. right now i don’t know what to write. and i don’t know why i wake up and left the room sitting on the sofa alone for awhile. i feel i want to write something, so i just open my page to write everything on my head down.

good night

I am back

I have been absent from here for such long time, cause i don’t have time as before. i already start to work last month ago. it keeps me busy and away from my laptop. moreover, i’m not addicted to facebook anymore. hehe…. my real life is start. i’m not a normal lady that alway stay at home anymore. i can go out to work and know some people over there. however, my husband not really want me to work, cause he afraid i’m tried. but i can’t stand at home everyday 😀 being to work, i feel tried as my husband said. but it is valuable to get some money to help and save for our spending everyday and future. i also meet a lot of people with different manner. all the staff are kind and friendly to me, except one lady. she is jealous with me, cause i’m young and beautiful than her. that’s funny. everyone in the work place doesn’t like her at all. i don’t know why she stand to work over there. anyways, i’m alway lucky as my mother and aunt sroy said. in sum up, i am fine at work place.

right now our day off half Sunday and Monday is very value. we alway go out to have dinner and visit some places.
that all about me for now.