My wedding’s Phnoung

My mom, my future mother in law, and my sister help me to find “Phnoung” in my wedding. they went to a lot of phnoung in Phnom Penh. finally they choose one for me. they think it is a best for my wedding. my sister told me that my dad and my future father in law are complain about the price. he said only one day ceremony, how come need to spend too much? haha… my mom said man never know about that thing. 😀  i wish i can choose myself. since i’m afraid it is too late when i arrive there, that’s why i ask them help me. time run so fast. sometime i feel i’m not really ready for it. hehe… 124 days to go, i will be a bride, and soon become a wife. 😀

Phnoung: Apsara Diyamong 

Eat out at Boston

we suppose go to the mountain, but my sister’s father in law sick. therefore, we cannot go anywhere far away. i was disappointed, because i really want go to the mountain so bad. i want to see the yellow and red leafs fall on the ground. it might be nice taking photos. isn’t it? here are three photos i took at dum sum at boston. 

Looking for a nice poem

I’m going to represent cambodia student to read one khmer poem in my college on Tuesday 28. i’m looking for a good poem to read, but i cannot find one yet. that’s why i’m here to ask for help. 

in my ideas, i want to read something relate to our Pras Viheah Temple. i go to kossantepheap website, but they remove the previous post already. 

please help if you have nice poem 

Very Happy

Na Birthday

Today is Na’s birthday. she doesn’t celebrate a party, because now she is pregnant. she will become a mother next month. i will see her baby before i go back. that is really good. i bought this electronic photos keychain for her. i hope she will like it. the reason i bought this keychain, because it can keep the photos. i put some photos in there for her. when she thinks and miss me or other friends, she just see this small thing, and all the memory inside it. 
Happy Birthday to you
I wish you have happiness in your family, more and more beautiful, and all your dream come true!

Divorce Settlement

I receive an e-mail from my sister today. i cannot believe this news happened in Cambodia, especially it was in my hometown. hahaha… luckily, it is not where i was born. it is a famous and odd news right now. you can check in CNN, Fox news, and also yahoo news. hehe… 

check it out

Fall Like Winter

It is Fall season, but i feel like winter. i start to wear jacket every morning when i go to work. it is damn cold. hehe… i guess this year will snow soon. i might have a chance to see snow again before i go home. i want to go mountain to see the yellow leaf falling down. i can imagine it is beautiful. Fall is my favorite season. 

good night

Introducing Nikon Coolpix S60 touch-screen




here are the features of Nikon S60

  • 10 megapixel camera
  • 5x Zoom-NIKKOR lens
  • EXPEED and Optical VR Image Stabilization technologies
  • Up to 3200 ISO
  • 3.5 inch touch-screen LCD display
  • New graphical user interface
  • Only buttons are power and shutter release
  • Touch the screen to lock focus on subject matter
  • Portrait One-Touch Zoom function – automatically zoom in and capture a subject with the right amount of frame and focus
  • Choice of three different home screens for the display
  • Use fingertips to scroll through images and zoom in on pictures
  • Auto Image Rotation which automatically rotates image for optimal viewing
  • Includes stylus
  • Draw function allows users to write memos or add drawings to images
  • HD Pictmotion function along with HDMI connectivity allows high quality playback of images and slideshows on HDTV sets
  • Scene autodetector mode
  • New Smile Mode which takes picture when camera detects a smile
there are 6 colors to choose : Crimson Red, Espresso Black, Arctic White, Burgundy, Champagne Pink, and Platinum Bronze

the price : 350$ 

I miss your face

his webcam was break last month ago. he didn’t have time to shop for it. i asked if i can buy webcam for him. he said no. i know if i buy the webcam for him, and he doesn’t like it. he will not use it. therefore, we use voice chat, but he always ask me to view my webcam. today, he got a webcam from his colleague. i don’t want to fore him, because i know these few months he is so busy with work. anyways, i’m happy to see his face again tonight. i took this photo without asking the permission. haha…. that’s why i cannot get his whole face. 😀