Happy 31th birthday of Me 

I never thought that I will have surprise birthday like this year. Not a surprise, it is triple surprise. 

Here is a whole day birthday start until finish. 

I am a little girl alway treat birthday as an important day. Today all I know is my husband will prepare a dinner for me. Wake up in this morning, open closet. I can’t find something to wear. No new dress at all. I decide to call my sister accompany me to buy a dress. She said my cousin ask accompany her since yesterday. I told my sister that I am really need a dress for tonight. My sister and my cousins agree to accompany me to buy dress, then they will go to marke. I get off from home to meet them at brown coffee next to our old house. They order sandwiches and salads for their breakfast and I just order drink. We here chit chat and take some photos. While che Kim holding her phone talking my photo. I just give V style to her. Suddenly hearing birthday next to me. Staffs at brown holding birthday cake next to me. I am so surprise. I think this is a first surprise birthday in my life time. I cannot keep my mouth shut by smiling. I am thinking if I know there is someone would surprise me on my birthday. I won’t do birthday every year. He he …. Thank you sissy for my first surprise birthday. 



We left brown coffee shop. I need to go to office drop something and do some works before I take my day off. I will meet my sissy after they finish buy something at Russian market. While I am talking with one of my staffs. Suddenly the light is shut down. I saw my hubby holding the cake and everyone come in. I cannot believe I will have this kind of surprise in my life. Especially doing in my office. All my staffs singing song for me. I am so excited. My husband give me 31 red roses. I make a wish and blow the candles. Do you know how many time I blow my candles. I don’t know why it is hard to blow it. He he…. My staffs make a joy that no need to eat the cupcakes, cause it is full of water from my mouth. I can’t help just laughing out loud. We go out side the office and taking photos for sovernier. Thank everyone for making this excited moments for me. 



After that I go to have lunch with my sister and cousins. We have lunch at Malis restaurant. We have fun taking photo with my roses and the foods. He he…. Foods not so important this time, the important is taking photos. 



After we finish our lunch, we all go to find my dress. We went to a few shops. I get some dresses, but not really like it. However, I don’t have time to shop more. So decide to go back home. While we drive almost my cousin home, my husband call me said that he want me to go back to office. Cause he has some urgent work for me to do with Samnang. So I ask my cousin whether they can wait me for awhile. I ask my driver to go back to office. Arrive my office, open the door seeing Samnang ask what is the work about. Samnang look like he doesn’t know anything. Suddenly the light is close again. Another birthday song is start. I was surprise thinking <what? Another surprise birthday? This time is my husband niece and nephew. I was so excited. Also the baloom hang in front of the tv. It is my name. Thank you so much. It is a unforgettable birthday ever in my life. Dalin buy me another flowers. I love the colors of roses. I take some photos with my colleagues. I don’t have much time now, cause I need to be pretty tonight. Dalin ask me to leave as soon as possible. I left the office by saying thank you to everyone. 



Am I pretty enough for tonight? Changing a lot of dress, but my husband like this red and black dress. I also think it is look good on me, especially red color. He bring me to have dinner at Nagaworld. The place I love the classical music. Seeing the flowers on our table, I feel I want to laugh. I ask him it is not our anniversary, it is my birthday. He he… I know he does the best for me. Just kidding for me. It is rare that he has time to manage this kind of romantic dinner for me. It’s so sweet of him. He alway make me feel that I am a lucky girl in this world. After we finish our main course, the musical start playing birthday song along with some of the staffs push birthday cake and a big of blanch of roses, and plus a gift. We taking photos and I make a wish. I love the roses. He said there are 168 roses and he give me his special gift. Guess what? An vertu phone. He upgrade the phone for me, cause my old phone alway error. Thank honey for alway understand my mind. I love you big big 🙂



My only wish for this year birthday is having a kid this year. I hope miracle happen to me this year and my wish become true. 

Thank everyone for giving me this unforgettable surprise birthday. I feel so lucky to have my beloved people around. You guys make my day more meaningful. Thank you ! 

Especially thank to my honey for your romantic dinner 🙂

Happy birthday to Me