Chinese New Year 2014

It’s Chinese New Year. the year of Horse. this year parents are here to cook for us, but they will go on tour to Malaysia and Singapore after that. Bong phorn also has her plan with her family, and for us still waiting whether we are working or off. hehe…. my mom and sister already done with the foods since 10:30 AM, we start to pray for our ancestors, then we go to my parents in law’s house to pray for my hubby ancestor again. After finish these two houses, we head to our office to pray over there. we have so much fun celebrating at our office. eating, drinking and giving red envelop. hehe…

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Kirirom Resort

My mom never been to kirirom resort very long time, so today we decide to go there. last few months i went there with my husband. there is a lot of water and foods to eat. this time my hubby can’t come with us. only me, parents, and bong phorn’s family. there are not a lot of people go there. it’s quiet and no water. foods also not good. too many seller, no customer. so when we order the foods, the seller divide it one by one to cook. some foods are taste good, some are very bad. we seem not enjoy much, so we go back home early.


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After work we went to have dinner at one new restaurant just open one week ago. when we are in this restaurant, we feel like we are in teenager age. this restaurant decoration for teenager. it’s look nice and clean. the food also not so expensive. we almost try all the foods over there.

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during our dinner we got the same number calling, but since our phone put silence, we didn’t pick it up. when we arrive in front of our house, boss body guard calling. it’s bad news. so my husband rush to go back. he said let me go home first. i feel so scare. few days ago, i had a nightmare. i dream my car drive by itself. it doesn’t stop until to hit the trees. that night my husband drop me off at home, then i don’t know what’s going on his mine. he didn’t take his car. He come to take my car. i feel so nervous. i call pick, and bag me to come back home change the car. he listen to me, then he come back home take his car back. it’s just a dream, but sometime i feel it give us some info ahead.

anyways, we pass all the bad stories peacefully 🙂


Sunday ==> My Day off

Yeah… it’s sunday. my only day off per week 😉 anyways, no where to go. hehe…. so i just bring my hubby to explore TV Avenue, cause last night he didn’t join us. we had fast food as our lunch at Lucky resto. it’s been a long time that i never eat this kind of chicken since i come back to live in cambodia. still i don’t like it, but my hubby do.



half day is done. hehe…. after that we went to massage and wash hair at NC beauty. it’s our favourite beauty salon. this evening we invite our family to have seafood at Sovanna resto. it’s my hubby favourite restaurant again. he love to eat oyster over there 🙂

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this is what i spend my day off

TK Avenue

TK Avenue is a outlet mall just open in Phnom Penh. tonight we are going to explore it. there are many restaurants around and a few store as well. what is good about TK Avenue is there is a standard cinema inside 🙂 my nephew love his snow yogurt and toto ice cream. hehe….

here are some photos of us

IMG_0954 IMG_0955 IMG_0960


I know everyone is waiting for our good news. everyone is waiting how my baby look like. now we decide to delay again. we take a week to decide whether we should have kid right away after collection the eggs or not? but after we rethink again and again. time is not arrive yet. we still have too much work to take care. i have to train my boss daughter learn how to work, how to control $$$ and train someone to take care of my work when i am absence. so we decide to delay until next year. we suppose to have baby this year on Sep, and now we delay until April next year. i know we should have kid now, cause i am going to be 30 a few months later. but my husband is like that. he want to help my boss across this hard work this year.


I know what we decide is right. baby is start from our love, so when we decide to have. it means we are ready for it 🙂