He/she is gone from my body

today is operation day. I am so nervous. Why people afraid like me alway meet this bad thing? I am afraid injection and my hand no សសៃ at all. That is funny. My husband give me support thought viber. He said ស៊ូស៊ូអូនសំលាញ់ I love you big big. Seeing those words, my tear cannot stop dropping. I am really want to give him positive result. But no this time honey. The time come, Taking me to operation room like taking me to the darking place. I can’t control my tear at all. My body keep shaking non stop. All the nurse are comfort to me. One of the nurse try to injection me. It like 4 times to get the right place, then I don’t know anything. After one hour and half, I wake up in another room. Seeing two nurse around, and they are chit chat. I can’t open my eyes, but my ear just hear the sound of them. About another 20 minutes, they wake me up said that I am done. I can go to change my clothes then go to meet doctor. Seeing my new doctor, hopefully she will give me positive this time. She give me 3 months medicine for recover everything then come to meet her again. 

RIP my baby

Good bye Thailand. See you next 3 months. 

No miracle for me

i alway hope there is a miracle in this world, and It might happen to me someday I need it. But no. It is just a dream. Today checking again for confirm with doctor, and the result is negative. I think I already prepare my mine for this negative result, but no way. I can’t do it. My tear drop down. I can’t be strong as I suppose to do. I don’t know what to respond to everyone around me. The answer No three times already. I know everyone still support by saying it is ok. There still have chance next time. I alway hope my next time is positive. Seeing my husband play with the kids, my heart is broken into piece. 

Sorry I can’t make it again 🙁 

Our 6th Anniversary 

having you as my husband is my most happiness in my life. We are officially 6 years living together. We walk though good and bad time. We are holding each other hand work hard for our future. I know you try your best to fulfill our happiness family. Thank you for being here with me all the time honey. You make me know what is love? What is care? What is miss? We have a lot of memories to share. We also make our far distance relationship successful. I am so proud of what you have done for me. 

Even this year we cannot celebrate on the same day we are married, but we still manage our time to celebrate it on March 🙂 


















Srey Oun wedding

srey Oun is my husband relative. Today is her big day. I wish for her new happiness will last forever. She is so beautiful tonight. Unfortunately, I cannot dance 🙁 he he …. However, tonight vol vol with big boss order to buy air ticket to Thailand. On phone os tos mong. I also cannot accompany them to go as well.