To You

I know how much i angry with you, cause i know my hand unstable.

I know how much i get mad at you, cause i know my heart beat faster.
I know how much i am crazy, cause i can picture everything in front of me.
I know how much i get hurt, cause i know my tear run over my face.
I know how much i am sad, cause i know i can’t keep my smile anymore.
I know how much i feel isolate, cause i can’t find someone to show the true feeling.
I know how much i hate myself, cause i can’t forget the past.

Mother’s Day 2010

i don’t know what to buy, cause i don’t have driver at that day. he left me on mission to cambodia. i’m thinking to buy a small gift to my husband’s two aunts on Mother’s day. they are so kind to me. i decide to buy flower, cause the store next to my house. I type some wishing word to them, and print out with their photo. they are really love it. i saw them read and watch the photo many times when i give to them.

i also ask my sisters in cambodia to buy me fruit basket for my mother and mother in law. i know i will do something better for them if i was in cambodia 😀 bong phorn said that i’m the only one who has romantic ideas for surprise 😀

Happy Mother’s day 2010!
i love you mother and mother in law !