Nicole’s House

i brought my mom and my grandma to Nicole’s house. we ate France food that Nicole had. moreover, nicole also cook artichoke that i bought from my store. it is expensive. one artichoke is 4 dollar. hehe… we had a lot of fun while we were eating.
thank nicole again for your invitation and food

My Macbook Pro

I went to buy a laptop with my brother in law last Friday. I cannot wait anymore. hehe… if the next model coming soon, i’m going to be sad. hehe… hopefully, it’s not coming so soon. hehe… I bought the Macbook Pro 15″ and i got one Ipod touch 8GB and one printer for free after rebate. actually, i don’t need printer, but the apple staffs said the money from rebate only two weeks. when i put the rebate form, it said two to five business days. i hope i can get it fast like that. hehe… i update only memory to 4 GB because everything is expensive for apple. here is my macbook pro detail:

  • 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM – 2x2GB
  • 250GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm
  • SuperDrive 8X DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW)
  • ” selected=”false” classkeypath=”*.isUpgrade(Upgrade)” htmlkeypath=”*.label” visiblekeypath=”*.isNone(Not)”>Backlit Keyboard (English) / User’s Guide
  • ” selected=”false” classkeypath=”*.isUpgrade(Upgrade)” htmlkeypath=”*.label” visiblekeypath=”*.isNone(Not)”>This Macbook Pro is a gift from my boyfriend for my graduation day. thanks sweetheart 😀

  • Gifts For Father

    I talked about Father’s day with my two older sisters a few month ago. I told them that we should share some money to change our father’s car. i know my sisters also think about it. moreover, i alway told my father that when i have money, i will change his car. yet, i still cannot do it by myself. i called my sisters to ask and confirm what we used to talk before Father’s day. they are agree with my request. Last night i called my father after we came back to cinema (Incredible II), i talked with him about half an hour. when he pick up the phone, he said ” Mean Ka Ey Kon”. i feel why my father so sweet to me. he rarely call me “Kon”. whenever my mother or my father call me “Kon”, i feel excited and unusual. however, i really happy to hear that. i told him that today is Father’s day in USA. he said he didn’t know that. no complain because he even know his birthday. hehe… every year nearly my birthday, i wish my parents know it. hehe… I told him that three of us give him 1,000$ each for change the car. if he don’t want to change, he just keep it. i know 3000$ cannot make any different for car, but this is what we have for now. he is laughing and said we don’t have to give him if we don’t have much money. he said we should keep in for our future use because he doesn’t want it. i said we are grow up and can earn money now, so this is our gift for Father’s Day. i know he must be happy 😀 my father asked me a lot questions about my job. i know he afraid that i don’t have money to use, becasue i’m the only one who just start working and i’m spending much money than my other sisters. hehe… my father said though he get 3000$ from three of us, so he want to give 1500$ for my mother. he asked me to tell her when she get up tomorrow. i said your money is together, why you have to share? he said he just want to make her happy. haha…

    I’m happy now because i’m done one mission for my father. i still have another promise with my mom. i told her since i started work in cambodia. i said i will save money and give her tour at outside country. i haven’t done yet. I’m thinking about China, because my parents want to go there.

    For my boyfriend’s father, bong kun and me want to buy phone for him. we are thinking about 8800, because it is simple and cool. there is 8800 Sapphire Art available in cambodia, but we afriad it might cause him danger. We are thinking about second hand 8800 siricco Gold or Silver, but my friend said if we don’t know how to see it, we might buy a fake cover. now i asked him to check whether we can order the new one from thailand. i hope it works, if not we have to think of other phones.

    I also bought a short pant for my sister’s father in law. i hope he like it.

    I wish My father, My boyfriend’s father, Bong phy’s father in law, and all the father in world have GOOD HEALTH, AND LIVE HAPPILY 😀


    Yao Hon at Home

    My uncle’s family came to visit us again. last week they brought grandma back and took time to visit us. this week they came again. my aunt had to “Sroch Tek Rom Dos Krous”. my sister’s mother in law made Yao Hon greet them. it was so good. Yao hon is hot and plus hot weather. hehe… at evening we sang karaoke. there were three best singers in my family. one is my aunt, second is my sister’s mother in law, and the last is my uncle. i cannot compare with them. my voice only 10% of them. hehe… maybe less than that.