Our next coming Car

we woke up in the early morning for just order the car. my husband didn’t sleep well, because of Audi TT. we buy Audi TT coupe black color. it is a special promotion, and it has a lot of options. i love white color, but we have to wait 2 months to get it. the car will arrive next tuesday or wednesday before i go back to cambodia. so i can be the first lady drive the car with my husband. haha… my husband told me that the reason he wants to buy a new car because …..�

Mother’s Day 2009

Today is Mother’s day in USA and Cambodia, but not in France. I think Mother’s Day just introduce into Cambodia society these few years. I almost forget that today is Sunday. last night when i’m ready to sleep about 3 AM, i’m realize that today is Sunday, and it is Mother’s Day. so i wake up and call my sister (Mei Mei), but the phone didn’t work. i’m kinda sleep not well, because i can’t do what i want to do. i wake up again in 8 AM to call my sister. i asked her to buy a cake and a bunch of roses for my mom, and a fruit basket for my mother in law. i talked to her for awhile, then i go back to sleep. i get up at 1 PM, i call my sister again, because i want to know she already done my work or not. she told me everything is done. she already brought the fruit basket to my mother in law, but she said she didn’t write a good post card for her. for my mom, she did order the cake, but she didn’t have time to buy flower. she told me that tonight everyone went to the wedding party. she doesn’t know how to start. haha… so i’m happy now, because even i’m live far away, but i do what i can do for mother and mother in law happy.�

Happy Mother’s Day!
I love you ===> Mother and Mother in law

La Pizza PaPa

my husband finished his work early today, then we went to look for house. we went to reach many places. the real estate brought us to see two house. i like the�environment of the house, but the size a bit small. i think we look for more. in evening is family dine again. pu and ming ask to go out and eat in one restaurant. they say it just open. it call ” Pizza papa” i like the restaurant name. it easy to read and remember. it food is fine, but the service is bad. i guess the waiters are new. they are no experience yet. they just walk in and out. they don’t look around and care customers much. haha… we finished dinner nearly 10PM, then we say good bye to them. because tonight we went to watch X-man. we arrived the cinema just in time. the movie play at 10.20PM. my husband loves that movie so much. i am not really enjoy this movie, because i don’t understand. too bad i don’t know french. i just saw the picture. hehe….�

Le Cappaccio

yesterday is Labor day, so my husband has half day off. we went to eat outside. every restaurant is full. there are a lot of people eat out, because it is holiday. we have to wait for table. Le Cappaccio is the restaurant we went to eat restaurant. it is italian food and�specialist in raw meat. i ate something like noodle that my husband order for me. it�taste�ok for me. my husband ate raw beef. we cannot watch X-man, because we came out a bit late. we properly watch the movie tomorrow.�