Showa Boston Institute

Today my college arranged one field trip to Boston. I left the college at 11.30 PM. we arrived the Fuji Streak House around 12.30 PM. It was a great restuarant with japanese styles. Today we not only go to eat but also to see how to cook. I sat at a long table where had two chiefs. the chiefs are going to show their amazing cook to us. It was a wonderful cooking art. i cannot express how cool it was. i can say not everyone can do like them. i didn’t hungry anymore because they made me have fun with their cooking. you know what? they cooked so fast and the food also teste good. after we done with the foods, we went to showa Boston institute. the showa boston institute is a school for japanese student who just come to live in usa. it was a big school. I just know that today japan has one festival that’s why we go there. when i enter the school, i saw a lot of pretty and handsome japanese students. they are so cute with their traditional dresses. we went to 11 places. each place has their shows and games. i remember some of places like sumo, winter sport game, sun room, traditional sport, martial art, ghost house, and so on. i really enjoy with them. the japanese students are friendly and helpful. I joined a lot of activities like playing most of games, wearing japanese dress, painting face, fishing, and more. we also listen some of japanese stories. you know what? i cannot stop laughing about how japanese bow. hehe… the japanese lady told and did the body language about how japanses polite. hehe… today we have so much fun.

we arrived at collage around 6.30PM, then my friends and i went to eat shop at khmer restuarant call “Sen Monorom”.

Na’s Birthday Party (10/27/07)

Yesterday it was Na’s Birthday Party. It was a great party because everyone have to wear costume. it likes halloween party. hehe… I met a lot of new people. they were dress up with different costumes. Na’s family also make a costume contest for everyone who join the party. the winner get 100$. I cannot take a good shot because it was dark and full of light. the place looks like a club. there are a lot of pretty ladies with sexy costumes. hehe… I cannot take off my eyes on them, espeailly my male friends. I didn’t wear costume because i didn’t have time to buy it. after the costume contest was finished, we celebrated Na’s birthday. Na make the cake by herself. it was cute and there are a lot of cup cakes that she made for us. I brought a photo frame for her. it contants two sentenses about friendship between friend and friend. it was fun. we also have some foods and drinks. you know what? Na kiss me at least two times at that night. i was so excited and shy. hehe… i think it is good to express our feeling. unfortunately, i’m not a person who good at express feeling to friends or other people. after that, Na, her family and her friends were dance. all the songs were cool. i really enjoy with it. i also danced the last song when i left the party. I got home at 11 PM.

PS: I also feel uncomfortable at that night. I feel i cannot make a quick decision about friendship. she used to be my friend. we were break up half year already. we never talk and hang out anymore. and now she came back because of one of my friends has a problem. i feel she takes advance of problem. i really cannot accept it. whenever i told myself that i’m going to be normal with her, i alway remember every words she used to look down on me. i know some of my friends feel uncomfortable too because i’m the only one cannot accept it. i really don’t know how to be normal and how to make relationship again. i already loss my feeling on her.

I’m Back

these few days, i never go online because my PC got virus. It is a suck virus. it doesn’t let me to use internet. it always pop up with advertisments. my brother in law help me to intall the new window. I have to back up all my documents to other drive. humm… i’m so boring these few days without internet.

now i’m back…….

My New Contact Lens and Bad News

Today i ware my new contact lens go to work. guess what? everyone is surprise because my eyes are blue. hehe… moreover, there are three customers asked me about my glasses. they said that my glasses is cool and i looked pretty on my glasses as well. i just realize that some customers also notice at me. hehe…

at the same time, i also received a bad news from my friend. actually, it is a good news for them but it is very bad news for me. one of my friend just told me that NUM is going to celebrate gratuation day for my promotion next month. this news made me sad because i’m going to miss it. i still remember they plan to celebrate it before i came to usa. everyone said everything is just in time for me. however, NUM had a problem with professors so they have to cancel it. i wish i could be there next month so i can have a great time with ma friends. they are going to miss me on that day. hehe…

Kanika’s Brother

Sunday is the most terrible day in the store. it’s damn a lot of people shopping. i’m so tired… tonight i’m going to see kanika’s brother. he just was born yesterday on 8.30 AM. i brought some fuirts to kanika’s mother at hospital with a lovely card in it. i went to hospital with san and kanika. kanika’s brother name satya. he is cute. he has long eyelash and a lot of hairs. i talked to bong yi and bong bora (kanika’s parents) for a while and we left hospital at 9 PM.

Columbus Day

Today i took a day off because we planed go to the lake or mountain. unfortunately, it was raining day. haha… we changed our plan to pagoda because Pchum Ben. we went to old pagoda call Vat Rottanaram. i didn’t dress up because i think it was rain and san didn’t has traditional cloth as well. i didn’t want she looked different from other alone. hehe… we was late because we kinda cannot woke up. we arrived there at 11.20 AM and we brought some stuffs like noodle, soy milk, candle, and cake to the monks. i felt so happy after praying and give my stuffs to the monk. we left there around 12.30PM because we have another party at Na’s house. na’s family is doing Ya Hon, so she invite us to eat. i’m so hungry because i didn’t eat breakfast this morning. 😀 after we finished eating, we went to study khmer language. there are a lot of people join this contast. hehe… we spent 2 hours to sing karaoke. hehe… it was fun fun fun. i also took some pics while we were singing. then i left na’s house at 3.30PM because san have to go to work. at 4.30PM, i went to burlington Mall with sothea and borey. i got a mission from kun to see the apple store because he want to buy Macbook pro. i have to study about mac for him. hehe… i also buy a sweat shirt for him as well. wow… that is my day off. 😛

A Pair of Eyes

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “now you can see the world, so will you marry me?” the girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too, so she refused to marry him.

Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later he wrote a letter to her saying. “JUST TAKE CARE OF MY EYES PLEASE.”

This is how humans change when their status changes. Only few remember what life was before, and who has always been there with them in the most painful situation.