Waiting to give birth in thailand

today is the day that I have to come and stay in thailand one month ahead before I give birth. My mom and my maid are accompany me while I Am stay in thailand. I rent a condo 10 min from the Bangkok hospital. The condo is nice. There are 8 building around. Swimming pool is on 6 floor of the condo. The condo I rent has two bed rooms and two bath room. We arrive safe and sound. Starting my day in thailand from now on until my babies come out and we need to stay another month for our babies can fit to fly come back.

Foods by mom

when mom arrive, there are a lot of delicious foods to eat. One day she make this and one day she make that. I am so full every day. Can’t complain how much I gain weight when she is home.

ម្ហូបប្រចាំ សាច់គោអាំងទឹកប្រហុក

នំបញ្ចុក សំល្លខ្មែរ

បបរបៅហ៊ឺ ស្នាដៃម្ដាយក្មេក





ស៊ុបគោ មុន ២ ថ្ងៃ ចេញដំណើរមកថៃ 

បង្កងអាំង បងអូនទិញផ្ញើ

My pregnancy photos

finally my pregnancy photos is come. I can’t wait to see it is good or not. There are several photos are good. I love it. This is my first experience to take this kind of photos. It is a memory for our kids. When they grow up, they will see how big my belly is when I carry both of them. I got a lot of stretch mark. Never mind! What I deserve is my two handsome a little boys. I can’t wait to see them. Wonder how they look like. Wonder how they look like me or my husband. I can’t wait to spend the day with them. I can’t wait to start my little family. Me, my husband and my kids. Our family will grow more, cause we still have our baby girl after that. He he … thinking of it I feel very happy.

Check out some of photos


លោកប្ដីខ្ញុំមិនងាយប្រើទេ តែតាំងពីមានកូន គាត់បានធ្វើអីសំរាប់ខ្ញុំដែលគាត់មិនដែលធ្វើពីមុនឡើយ។ ថ្ងៃនេះគាត់បានជួយកាត់ក្រចកជើងអោយខ្ញុំ ។ ពិតជាជំនាញមែន កាត់គ្មានអោយសល់ក្រចកបន្ដិចសោះឡើយ ខ្លាចឆាប់ដុះទៀត ប្រពន្ធនឹងប្រើទៀត 😂😂😂

ពេលកូនធំ អូននឹងប្រាប់កូនយើង ថាបងធ្វើអីខ្លះពេលអូនពពោះ ពួកគេ

Dinner before I go to thailand

My boss’s wife prepare a dinner for me before I go to thailand. It has been a long time that we never see each other. I am so happy to see her and all ladies in our group. Bong neang invite us to Kobe restaurant. There are more than 10 ladies that join the dinner. We are happy to chit chat and taking photos. My boss’s wife order a lot of foods. We are hardly to finish see. It’s all delicious and expensive. Thank you so much for your kind and generous to me.

Here are some photos of us

Thailand calling

This time go to thailand, we have two important things to finish. One is go to France embassy in thailand and second is go to Bangkok hospital for follow my pregnant check up. We stay in centana grand as usual, but this time Hea christain also come with us. We ask him to come for help to go to France embassy in thailand. Our flight is a very late night flight, so we just check in and sleep. Tomorrow we go to France embassy in thailand. Everything is easy and clear about the documents, so I don’t worry about my babies documents anymore. The rest of the work is for my husband. He is the one who take all the document go there after I am give birth. After that we go to shopping at saim paragon, my husband alway love to see the watch and brand shoes. He buy one LV shoes. We have Italian food for lunch. I am find it is delicious. Will come again next time. Tonight we have dinner at the top of centana grand hotel. We choose Spain foods, it is quiet interesting to me. We all very full after a big meal. On third day, we just go to see our lovely doctor. After checking everything is fine. Our babies are healthy. Doctor just give some medicine for continue to take. Then we just go to airport.

Pregnant photo shoot

finally my husband has time for photos. I alway want to have my pregnant photo. It’s for our sons memory. Since this is my first time pregnant, I am so excited about it. We choose g-rise at Aeon mall as our photography. We can add up some money to have all the files. It is better than other place give only a few photos we select base on the package we choose.we arrive there at 10 am, then they start make up for me and my husband, mei mei and a da start taking their photos. We are finish around 1 PM. I ask mei mei to buy some snack. However, all the photographer team cannot eat , because of their rule. I leave some tip for them before I leave. I hope the photo turn out great.