Red shirt and Witch’s Woods

Last night i read one of my friend’s friend blog. she said that to help support burma, we have to wear red shirt on 28, september. hehe… red is my favorite color. today i wear red shirt go to work. i think red maybe represent blood on that day. i don’t know it is right or not? i just guess. i also just come back from Witch’s woods. it is so scaring. i am scream until i cannot talk right now. hehe… it was so cool and scaring. if you want to know more you can go to this website you can imagine everywhere is ghosts, even we stand to buy something to eat. they come to scare us. hehe… we went to 4 attraction places. one is castle morbid, second is nightmare mansion, third is witch’s wood hunted hayride and the last one is 3D keeper’s crypt. i like the last one when we wear the 3D glasses. haha… i feel everyone is ghost. i really want to take photos to share but they not allow. you know what? my brother in law’s shirt nearly torn by me. haha… anyways, it was a scaring night for me.

I didn’t know that today is Moon festival until my mom told me. hehe… living in here, i cannot join some of festivals that i used to have fun. i remember every years at Moon festival, i drove my car or moto with my sister and my cousins a long the road they celebrate it. i can see every houses’s candle and decoration. it so beautiful. hehe… i miss moon cake! moreover, moon festival is also my sister’s birthday. my parents celebrate her birthday at Heng Lay. there are 5 tables for guest. they all my relatives and my aunt’s relatives. actually, today is also my cousin (Heng)’s brithday. Mei Mei and Heng was born in the same day. guess what? the party is for three people’s birthday. one is Mei Mei, second is Heng and third Jing (who was born in september too). haha… i wish i can join that party. it is going to have a lot of fun.

I wish my lovely sister and my handsome and cute cousin have good luck in study, and all their dream come true!