Seng Long Birthday



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my nephew turning to 7 year old today. he is so excite about his birthday. i go to buy him a toy, cause i know he doesn’t want red pocket. hehe…. i got two toys for him one is car race control by machine, and another one is car as well. i know he love car so much.  he birthday take place at Su Su suki soup. i know his sister is going to be jealous again. she alway said her birthday alway did at home, and her brother alway do at restaurant. hehe… anyway, we enjoy eating and having fun taking photos.

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4th time in Thailand

fly many times in a month. i am getting very tried of it. however, i still have to go 🙁 having get a good result from the doctor every time i check. i feel unhappy. every time i have to inject the medicine, it’s very hurt. this time the doctor asking whether i want to get twin. twin is fine, but if triple. i can’t handle it. so i decide not to get neither twin or triple. hehe… i just want one each time. i think i never experience it. it’s better to have one.

DNA test

Me and bong phorn having DNA test today. It’s time to go to US embassy. it has been a long time that i never been there. hopefully the process of document is fast, so that we can have our interview. then we can pack our stuffs to go to live in USA. hehe…. day dreaming. isn’t it? hearing my oldest sister said that we need to wait about 10 years in order to get interview. hehe… very long. anyway, still have another 8 years to go.

Kimchi Time

After a whole day stress and tried from work, my husband treat me a good korean food. we are discover a new korean restaurant call ” Chang Kim”. it is locate at Toul Kork. I think this is the best korean food i taste among korean restaurant in Phnom Penh. the price also reasonable. i wonder why korean people eat so many dishes. hehe…. i think i will so lazy to wash dishes.

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Third time in Thailand

This time i got a  new accompany is my husband. the reason we come to thailand, cause we want to having a kid now. we come to discuss with doctor. we take the early flight. we arrive thailand around 7: 30AM. however, we wait for passport control until 9: 30AM. this is the bad thing i hate the most whenever i come to thailand.  we meet cousin of our translator. the translator that i alway have, she is busy with other customer. we just give her cousin take us to Siam Paragon for shopping. we didn’t have much time for shopping, cause we need to meet doctor at 1: 30 PM. unfortunately, when we arrive hospital, they said they change our time to 3: 30PM. they should tell us ahead. that’s bad. we are waiting so long to meet the doctor. my husband getting boring. he play game until all the phone out of battery. hehe….. finally, we meet doctor, but i feel this time not really useful. cause my husband didn’t get any test, cause the lab is close. after that we go back to shopping again. I can say this is window shopping, cause we don’t buy anything.

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we got a very tired trip, and tomorrow start working again 🙁


Bong Phorn Birthday

Party again? Eating again? Having fun again? hehe…. my sister choose ” Samba restaurant” to celebrate her birthday, cause she knows that we love to eat 😀 however, every time i have special occasion, my boss will out of work late. this is life of work. can’t complaint. i haven’t got any gift for her yet. no time to buy, and i think i will go Thailand again soon. i want to looking for something special for her. we enjoy the dinner together, but we will have a birthday cake at home. hehe… i guess my sister shy to do in public.


Happy Birthday sister! I wish you get everything that you want 😀