My second transfer day

11:00 AM the nurse come to take me at my room. She give me drink one bottle of water. The doctor nearly come, I feel I have diarrhea. I can’t control it. So they give me to go restroom. Then all the water gone from my belly. After coming back, the nurse give me drink hot tea. The doctor come, the transfer embryo is process. This time I put two embryos. After finish , they push me to rest at other room. My belly full of water, I am really want to pee. It’s really 30 min after transfer. Normally, they give 1 hour to rest on the bed. I want to pee, so they put bedpan. However, I can’t pee in bedpan. He he … So the nurse give me walk to restroom. What a release after done. But I feel I shouldn’t walk. I feel afraid of losing my embryo . I try to ask the nurse whether it is ok to walk before one hour? I stay on bed in the hospital until 3 PM. Then they bring me to my bedroom. I rest on the bed all day except going to restroom. Not just today, all day until the 4 Nov 🙁

My husband become Ouk Nha and I become Lok Chom Tav

Today is a greatest day in our life, especially for my husband. Today my husband recieved a high certificate from the king of cambodia giving a position as Ouk Nha. Thank boss for giving us this valuable reputation. For me, I become Lok Chom Tav automoticly in the age of 30. How young! 🙂 also two of my husband niece and nephew become Ouk Nha too. Congratulation for them! Let’s have a party. He he… 


It’s really have a party. We bring our staffs to eat at Samba. Yeah… Let’s celebrate new Ouk Nha 🙂














Lucky day

today we have lobsters for our lunch again. Thank Dalin alway bring us delicious foods. 



This afternoon boss also give me Shang hai crab. Thanks boss 


Totally call មាត់មានលាភថ្ងៃនេះ 

Plus, today I got gifts from my boss wife. There is a lot of stuffs inside the bags, however, one of them is diamond ring. Thank you so much for this valuable gifts for me. I do love it😍. 



This is call lucky day.  

The loster bay 

one of the restaurant at Aeon mall call loster bay. I saw a lot of people eat at there. Wonder what kind of foods they sell. Therefore, we try it tonight. We was surprise, cause there is no plate, no folk , no anything. He he … We order the seafoods with different souces. Then they put it in the bags, and the staff give us a gloves to wear😜 it means we eat by our hand. He he… It’s funny. The foods for teenager only. I think we come in the wrong place:-) 



China emperor 

sometime it’s difficult to decide what kind of food should we eat tonight. It’s has been a tough question sometime. Anyways, tonight we decide to have Chinese foods. There is a មីទាញ show in this restaurant. It’s quiet interesting. However, the funny part is some people eat that មីទាញ. They realize it is raw when they already put it in their mouth. He he .., for me, I have fun by talking this noodle making the sharp I want to make, and my husband is the one who guessing. 



The voice Cambodia 

since I was born until now, never have a chance going to the public show. Today I have a chance to join since some of my relatives also go. The voice  cambodia is the newest show in Cambodia, it’s also an international show. We should proud of our country now. Today is the first day of live show. I am so excited. We left the wedding early in order to watch the live show. We imagine it is a big show as we see on tv. In sum up, the performance place is so small. We can even find proper place to sit. He he … It’s very difficult. I know my husband doesn’t like this kind of situation, however he knows i love it, so he just doesn’t say anything. We watch about two hour, so I decide to left early. So it’s damn hot and hard to sit. Thank honey for accompany me until I say we can go now 🙂



My hubby relative from Australia 

we have another visitor. This time is my husband relative from Australia. This is the first I meet them. I Heard my husband said they know each other since they was teenager. Every time he went to seam reap on Khmer new year. Bong Din alway bring him for a walk. We invite them to have French foods at topaz. My husband kind of busy tonight. He is talking on the phone none stop, and let me accompany them. I am really don’t know what topic I should bring to talk, cause I am not really know them much. He he …. Anyways, they are nice and friendly. It’s good to know them. They also invite us to visit Australia. We say we will one day. He he …  


France restaurant in Aeon mall

aeon mall is the first standard mall in Cambodia. There is a France restaurant on the top floor of the mall and we are going to try it. The France restaurant manage by japanese owner. The service is quiet weird. They have to respect us every time they come to take order or bring the foods. The foods is ok and the amostphere can accept it. The staffs are friendly. Totally we have a great dinner 🙂