this is the first time for me to join engagement in here. my family was invited by the bride’s aunt. i thought i didn’t know many people. in contrast, i know most of people join this event. i was surprise when i saw the groom. haha…. he used to follow one of my friend. 😀 when i saw him, i said congratulation. he told me that he unable to tell me directly. he asked the bride’s aunt to invite me. i said it is ok. the most surprise for me is the groom-mate. he used to bother me as well. haha… i think the world so small in here 😀 oh… one more thing is food. the food very very good. i’m really full until i cannot sit down. i know i’m fat right now. i feel very tight when i ware that yellow clothes. haha… i should diet now 😛
after that i went to mall with my sister and brother in law, and two of their friends. i bought one electronic key chain for san. today is her birthday.
at nearly 2 o’clock, we drove to ning theara’s friend house at Worcester. my brother in law didn’t know that his friend (Bong Vireak) invited him for New house party. bong vireak told my brother in law that it just party with friends. actually, i’m not invited, but i want to see bong vireak. haha… my brother in law used to work with him a few months, and every time my brother in law came back home. he brought a lot of funny stories to share with me and my sister. the stories came from bong vireak. this is the reasons that i am really want to see his face. haha…. when i met him, i want to say wow…. it just like ” le ke ni yeay 10 min smer khenh 1 dong) haha…. he is Prum Manh number 2. i laugh a lot and eat a lot as well. the foods is pretty good. we left bong vireak’s house around 6 o’clock. i still have another party with my friend at workplace. they want to eat soup, because today is a san birthday. unfortunately, Ramy cannot come, and i also late. so they decided to cancel it. 
in sum up, today i eat a lot and laugh a lot. haha…. i think this is a sign of fat like my sister said.  

Two Moons on 27 August

Two Moons On 27th August Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. 

Do you believe it?


i sign up for the gym with my sister and brother in law. half reason that i want go to gym, because of swimming pool. haha… all my coach are back to school. i learn only 3 days is not enough. now i can practices at gym. moreover, i also want to lose my weight. next year when i go back to cambodia, no one dare to call me small pig anymore. haha…. cham mer oy my boyfriend mer bak sor mong. kom chol. haha… 

They are back

I’m not alone anymore. they are back.  we watched Olympic game closing party together. it is a great closing at Beijing. I wish i was at the stadium. hehe…. next 4 years, it’s gonna be at London. let’s see how England organize Olympic game. today i will sleep tight and not feel someone pushing my room door anymore. hehe…. 

good night everyone

Alone at Home ….

i never have experience stay home alone since i grow up. this is my first time in my life. everyone goes to Canada for fresh fruits. they will spend 2 night overs there. i cannot go, because i don’t have visa to go in canada and come back USA. haha… 

just now brother sothea tried to scare me by ghost stories. 🙁

Bong Dalyne Birthday

Bong Dalyne is my colleague. she is kind and polite. bong thea bought cake for her. actually, i don’t know her birthday. haha… too bad 🙁 i just know her around 2 months i guess. you know what? we are celebrating her birthday in front of the restroom. haha… it is so funny! if i can upload the video, you guys will laugh. i think she was surprise as well. 😀 she got two cake in one day. one from our group and other one from her sister. 
Happy Birthday to you bong
all your wishes come true 😀