One day at kompongcham

this weekend we went to kompongcham province. it has been a long long time that i never go to visit kompongcham. however, nothing change much. we don’t know where to go. we arrive at kompongcham city. visit bamboo bridge. but the weather so hot. so we didn’t walk on the bridge, just look from far away, and go back to have lunch. the restaurant that we that lunch. all the dishes are Delicious. i am so full. then we go to visit one resort call Han chey bamboo resort. it about 40 min from the city. the resort has a good view but still hot cause no air con. the resort make from bamboo. it is beautiful and service also good. after have a few drink over there, we head back to Phnom Penh. we stop at Sokha resident to have dinner over there. i alway love the view in the italian restaurant. we can see Royal palace at night very beautiful. the foods also good.

here are some photos of our weekend trip

Phnom Ta Mao

Zoo is our favorite place to go on weekend. since we start to have kids, we always spend our weekend for them. today we bring them to Ta Mao Zoo. my kids love to see the animals. this weekend i feel not much people come to Ta mao zoo. there are a few cars only. feeling quiet, but we enjoy the foods over there.

here are the photos we took