Khmer New Year 2014

I plan to ask my husband to go to Siam Reap or Kos Hong on khmer new year, and Yet our destination is Kep. why? because my boss call to join with his family. my husband didn’t have time to rest, cause he just come back from France. now we need to pack our stuffs to go to Kep. my husband said we go only one night, then we will ask boss come back home. our plan is wrong. boss didn’t allow us come back, he said stay with them to have fun together. i prepare only 2 days clothes and now we stay 4 days. hehe…. it’s time nothing to wear. anyways, i have so much fun with boss’s family. all the ladies play card one round and all the men play card one round. i lost a little bit on the first day, and the second day damn lost. hehe… the third day, i get my money back. after counting the money i still lost 50 dollar, but it’s better than 700 dollars. hehe… this year,i didn’t have chance to spend time with my family. my parents went to Vietnam for travel. my sister’s family stay home, cause no one ask to go out. she plan to go after Khmer New Year. my parents in law stay in home, cause we don’t have time bring them out. hehe…

ok, Happy New Year everyone! All the best wishes to you. I hope you guys have fun as i do.


Daphors’s Birthday

Daphors is my husband’s nephew. he is also my boss son. today is his birthday. his sister and brother and all his friends make a surprise birthday for me. i cannot be on time, because boss not yet leave. the birthday require pink clothes. i don’t know one, so i went to soriya super market to look for one. finally, i get one as i wish. very pink. hehe…. arrive to Apros club where the party celebrate. there are a lot of khmeng khmeng. everyone call me Ming or Bong. i feel so old and not fix to that party. anyways, as they are having fun. i feel each generation is different. however, i do have fun with khmeng khmeng. they are funny and love each other. Daphors is very happy to have birthday with his friend. i can understand though his face. he sing many songs with his brother and friends. the good is grate and the environment is awesome too. however, at the end dalux is drink. he is kind of too emotional with the words. he suddenly get mad. i try to comfort him, because his manner make the party not smooth. i am bring him outside. he is crying and i am understand his feeling. every time they are sad, i feel so pity them. however, i can do anything beside comfort them not think negative way. sometime family is hard to understand and it is effect to their children. anyways, Happy Birthday Daphors. Ming wish you healthy, successful in your study and be mature!












One week is so long

My husband goes to France one week. every time he leave home, i feel so lonely. i can’t imagine myself living without him forever. he is a medicine of happiness in my life. i know he is not going for fun, he is on mission. seeing he is too stress at work in here, i am really want him to relax. now it’s time for you baby. take some time relax with your family at France. i know you are not going to have real fun without me 🙂 For me, i’m stay in office take care of my work and his work. ok, i hope the work keep me busy, so that i don’t miss him a lot and my day also not so long.

Good night


My 30 Birthday with my friends

this year of my birthday is the best year ever. i can celebrate with all my beloved people. i love blow birthday cakes. i love to open birthday gifts. i love to read every wishes. and many more…
i choose saturday to celebrate with my friends at Master suki soup. it’s have a very long time that we never reunion. i am glad to meet them again. however, some friends cannot stay so long. we are having fun singing, eating and drinking together. thank everyone who come to my birthday.
especially,Thank to my husband for never leaving me alone. he suppose go to France today, but he try to change his schedule because of me. thank you so much
Happy Birthday to me again.

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My 30th Birthday

thinking many times, don’t know should i do my birthday or not. decision is make  a week ahead, cause i think that this year i am 30 year old. i didn’t invite many people. just my family and my colleagues. totally 60 persons. my birthday held on Himavari Hotel, and it’s Red birthday party again. it means everyone have to wear red to join my birthday. evening come, i am already prepare my self. i am so excited to see everyone. everyone come with gift, and i love to open it. hehe…. eating many foods, taking photos, singing on the stage, drinking and cheering with everyone. I am totally happy and it make my day. i am so excited when everyone sing birthday song to me. can’t describe how happy i am. especially he is next to me. suddenly many of my colleagues hold one bear to me. and it’s my husband gift. on the bear hand, there are a diamond bracelet. i am so excited to see his gift. never think of he should have time to prepare me a special gift like this. i am totally love it. the night have end with happiness. some of my colleagues are drunk. hehe… one sleep on the stage, one sleep on the grass, one sleep in the car, one sit with wrong chair, and some are sleep at office. hehe…. anyways, thank you so much for everyone who making me birthday meaningful this year.

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