Chinese New Year gift for my boss 

we got a gift for our boss. My husband really careful to get a gift for my boss. He knows our boss love wood, so he search for beautiful piece of wood for our boss. When my husband call me, he ask whether I want to take photo with boss. I said of course honey. When we give the gift for boss. We ask to take photos with boss. Boss said come closer and the next photos he said let shake our hand and take photos. I am so excited and my hand turn cold. Hehe …. Never through he give us honor like this 🙂 

My boss is the number 1 boss ever



Then I go down to continue my work. Dalin also give me the roses that she brought for me on valentine day.



Valentine day 2015

i never plan something ahead two weeks, but this time I did. In my mind, I am so afraid that my plan will cancel in some reason due to our work. It’s nearly V day. My husband ask if we could Change the date one day ahead. However, I try to put pressure on my husbands said that the plan cannot change and I did pay already. I know he will find a good excurse for my boss. Finally, the day come and the plan is on process. Our destination is kep–> thngay bang chhat. We arrive there at lunch time, so we drop by veranda resort to have lunch. My husband not really feel well. I said he feel his stomache is full. He doesn’t hungry and don’t want to eat anything. I order a lot of foods and end up I eat most of the foods alone. 



Finish our lunch, we head to where we spend our sweet day. I hope everything organize as plan. Check in our room. Surprise ! 🙂



We didn’t have time to rest much, cause it’s time for massage our body. I already book two hours massage in this resort. We went to relax our mind and body. It is so peaceful. 

After finish massage, we went down to the beach sit down and watch sun set. Relax and want to put our work aside. He he….   


Ready for taking bath for this romantic dinner tonight. I cannot wait. Have to be pretty 🙂   


Make up and ready for my private dinner for tonight. 🙂 so excited . However, my husband cannot eat much. He seem to have issue with his stomache since this afternoon. Anyways, we do have a great dinner.











Good night world  


The next day come, breakfast time in front of the beach. I feel so fresh. After finish our breakfast, we went to relax in one bed in front of the beach. Closing our eyes and listening to the sound of wave. I take some photos with my husband. After that we walk around the resort, and take the photos. We cannot take much time here, cause we have to go to see our work in kep. We come to enjoy our V day and also a part of our work 🙂 



My favorite photos of our V day



My sweetest photos of our V day 



This is our unforgettable V day ever 🙂


Dalin and Dalux birthday 

what is so special about dalin and Dalux birthday? Everyone have to wear traditional Chinese clothes. Sound excited isn’t it? I go to cut one dress, but end up buy from the market. He he … The dress I cut make me look so fat. Moreover, me and colleagues will surprise them by our dancing. I think I am not surprise birthday boy and girl but I also surprise my husband. He he …. Hopefully I am not get blame after finish the party. 

It is a fun birthday ever. Everyone said I am very happy. Even my birthday girl said i am look happy more than her. He he …  Properly I am alway excited about birthday. 



This is my favorite photo


Happy birthday. All the best wishes for both of you.