Pizza Company

Bong Lynce and Dalyce are my friends from USA. they come here for dalyce’s wedding on July. i’m so excited for her. haha… last Saturday i went to Soriya supermarket with my sister to meet them. they bring other two friends along. they both friendly and funny,�especially�sophea. I’m so happy to meet all of them, especially bong lyne and dalyce. they told me everything when i left the company, and i told them about my living in France. we talk about Ramy’s study. i miss her as well. i don’t know when i’m gonna her again. haha… here are some photos when we eat pizza.�

Missing Him

I am missing my husband so badly from day to day. wishing to back next to him very soon. however, he calls me every day. i still feel it is not enough. every night i awake, i always look around and the space next to me don’t have his�appearance�next to me. i try to keep myself busy, so i don’t think about him too much. he moves to our new apartment now, but i can’t help him to prepare our new apartment. we already discuss since i was in France. we will decorate our house Red and White. our cuisine is red. we choose red, because it is a modern color, and it is my favorite as well. he told me that he buy only the stuffs that he need to use right now. the rest he will wait until i come back, so we can choose together. next week, i will start my French class. i have one to one class at home. hopefully, i will learn fast 😀