Wedding Invitation

Which one is the prettiest? bong kun and me love the red one. we think it is so cute, but it is too red and way to chinese traditional invitation wedding. both our parents and my sister love the gold one. at frist, we decide to take the red one. after everyone complaints, now we end up agree with everyone ideas. haha… what do you think? should i get the red one back? actually, invitaion is not really important. everyone just see the date and keep it away. 😛

I got them a perfect gift

Finally i got a perfect gift for them before i leave. i can see they are happy when they are open the gift box. my sister said the box is a bit expensive. i shouldn’t take it. haha… the reason the take the box cause it said it is a forgettable gift with apple box. at the back of the ipod touch, i engrave some words on it. 
” Theara & Phy eternal Love
Love from: Kun & Phoung 😀 ” 
haha… my sister said i engrave it, because i don’t want them to return it 😀