dinner with my husband’s family side

since most of time I alway stay at home, so my husband want to creat noisy at home. He invite his family to have dinner at our home. Everyone need to bring foods to my house. Bong Oun bring a lot of foods for us. Most of them are expensive. Bong lo’s wife also make a good food and bong neang as well. We eat like no tomorrow. He he … there are countless foods on the table. We don’t know which one we should eat first. I think the foods they bring here can serve at least 30 persons. He he …. I am so full. Can’t describe how good it is. Unfortunately, the electricity is cut off during the party. So 9:30 PM they all leave, cause too hot. Damn electricity! Why you need to cut off this time? We didn’t enjoy much. Our karaoke time just start. Hehe … anyways, thank everyone who love me and treat me like a princess. 

Bei Jing soup

Tonight I bring my parent in law to have soup with us. My father in law alway said he cannot eat anything, so we bring him here. Hopefully he can eat much. My mother in law said everyone said my father in law ចាញ់កូន instead of me. He he …. it is funny cause I used to hear that if the wife doesn’t have morning sickness, sometime the husband take turn, but never heard that father in law take turn. He he …. anyways, we happy that he can eat a lot of tonight. 

Auntie soung visit Cambodia

Yi soung is my mother in law step sister. They really love each other since Khmer rough regime. Every time Auntie soung and her husband come to invite Cambodia, we alway invite them to eat something. Tonight we invite them together with Yi, Hea Christian and bong Trong family as well. We have Chinese foods at Pao Ke restaurant. We have a lot of fun and chit chat. I hope everyone love the foods and go back safety.

Yeah… dine out

Finally I can go out a bit now. After come back from Bangkok, my doctor said I can go out a little bit now. But i need to watch out and realize myself. If I am tried, I need to stop.

Tonight my husband bring me to have dinner at his favorite restaurant Topaz. It has been a long time I never eat French foods. I just stay at home eat homemade foods. I feel fresh and happy 😊 Stay at home too much, I also feel stress, but at least for my two little princes.

His favorite oysters. Even I told him not to eat too much, but he doesn’t listen. 

I always love the last part the most. dessert time. This time no acohol in dessert.

My parent invite Yi leang for dinner

Yi leang is my husband’s auntie who live in France. My husband used to stay with them when he live over there. Tonight my parents invite her, her son and also bong Trong to have dinner together. Unfortunately, her husband already leave this morning. We look like a big family. We cannot fill in one table. Have to be two table. He he … old people one table and young people one table.

Feel like a princess

my husband always take care of me when I am pregnant. He does thing that he never done before like holding wife bag, helping with wear the shoes, bring me to toilets, and i can ask him to do anything. He he … this is the precious time for me. He is so cute sometime. Whenever I ask him to do something, he alway do and reply back អស់ឆ្អឹងម៉ង់

my husband is not like other husband. He never holding my bag go around. This is very big deal for him, but when I am pregnant, he alway help me. If I know having kids feel like a princess like that, I will get a kid s for a long time. 

1 specialist ultrasound

this time is a important checking as my doctor told me. I have to meet specialist for ultrasound checking. The specialist will look at my both babies and find out if something wrong. I feel a bit nervous, but my husband alway support me. He said we never do something bad, so our babies will be good. Specialist screen all the part of the babies. Everything is going very well. I can see my babies moving on the monitor. We both happy to see his hands, his foot, his a little face. Everything is good as specialist told us. We both very happy. Then I go to meet my genaral doctor. Today I also test the sugar on me, take the blood for chromosome test and also get flu shot as well. Many thing have to be done today.

At least I got a good news from first ultrasound go back, and the rest need to wait the result next two weeks.

My little two princes 

his little hand

Our 8th anniversary

Today is our 8th anniversary. Time fly so fast. It’s already 8 years. These 8 years we gone though so much experiences, so much love, so much effort. What we have today is the result of what we both try hard to challenge everything during these 8 years. This year also a special year, cause we are having twin boys. This is what we are waiting for.

Even this year we can celebrate outside, but I manage to prepare our dinner just like in high class resto. He he … I want to do more than this, but I am afraid siting outside have a lot of mosquitos.

Guess what he buy for me as a gift on our 8th anniversary? I know everyone cannot imagine of. So do I. I never ask for anything from him, expect bring me to travel. He he … I know since he is busy with his work, he can’t think of romance gift for me. I alway love to receive surprise thing gifts. Start from the day we know each other, only me make valuable gifts for him. What I mean valuable is the gift we can make by ourself. Every piece of gift from our hands and heart. For him is different. He alway buy me a little pig, teddy bear, flowers, Jewery…. however, this year is different he buy me 1 kg of gold. He he …. he told me that he want them to put number 8 on gold but they cannot do it. Anyways, he still cute to think of something sweet for me.

our love will last forever , and we will grow old together. We will travel all around the world together. There are so many things we want to see and experiences together.

i love you honey ❤️