It’s Coming :-D

I stay at home today because I am felt not well when i woke up this morning. I didn’t go to conference at Boston with my college neither go to work. this afternoon the macbook pro that i ordere had arrived (11:45 AM). my sister’s father in law sign for me. he called me that someone sent a big box for me. i am kind of wonder becasue i didn’t order stuff so far. the only one thing i order right now is computer. actually, it supposed to arrive on Monday because i already see the tracking number. it is fast :-D. It arrived while i’m online with kun. we both so excited to see it. I opend the box and it really that macbook pro. I told kun that we have to wait for my brother in law come to set up. i don’t want to touch because my computer knowlege so poor. I read the book that come with it and it’s pretty easy to set up. I told kun that i might can do it. we don’t want to wait brother in law because he still at school right now. he will come home around 1 o’clock. kun send me videos on youtube that they show how to set up. he told me to do it. I’m so nervous when i open it. it asked some questions at the begining. i do step by step and very slow. i felt i’m afriad to give the answer. luckily, my brother in law come home and he continues set up for me. actually, i’m nearly close to the end. hehe…. It is ready to go now. kun and me really love it. after that, i felt i don’t know how to use. most of the application completly different from pc. ok, i still have two weeks to figure out about mac. 😀


I’m alway listent to this song on the radio when i drive to work. the more i listen, the more i like it. now i want to share with you and i hope you like it as well

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Macbook Pro 17″

This morning i went to Rockingham Mall with san. i want to buy macbook pro for kun. i don’t want order online because the tax is so expensive. however, the store doesn’t have the products i want, so i have to order online. i came back home around 1 o’clock. i started to clean my room. i didn’t clean my room for a week already. it looked mess. haha… this evening, my brother in law help me to order macbook pro online. i don’t want to do it by myself because i’m afriad i click something wrong.

here is your mac kun





Ships by:

Delivers by:





With the following configuration:

  • Processor 065-7446 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory 065-6992 2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM – 2x1GB
  • Hard Drive 065-7452 250GB 5400RPM HDD
  • Optical Drive 065-6998 SuperDrive 8X
  • Display 065-7039 MacBook Pro 17-in Hi-Res GL WS
  • Modem 065-6999 NO MODEM
  • Apple Software – iWork 065-7672 No iWork Preinstalled
  • Apple Software – Final Cut Exp 065-7674 No Final Cut Exp Preinstalled
  • Apple Software – Aperture 065-7673 No Aperture Preinstalled
  • Apple Software – Logic Express 065-7675 No Logic Exp Preinstalled
  • Keyboard/Mac OS Language 065-7006 BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS
  • Country Kit/AEX 065-7009 Country Kit

Ships by:

Delivers by:

Subtotal $3,288.00
Sales Tax $152.45

Total Price


I’m totally broke now! help me 🙁 hehe….

i wish i can save 152 for tax, but i cannot

Today i’m done with ordering computer for kun. he doesn’t have to ask me again and again. when do i buy computer for him? i hope he is happy now 😀

I’m Sick Now

today i’m not feeling well. i felt so headach. i called to my supervisor whether i can take a day off. she said if i take a day off today, i cannot work on sunday as well. i decide to stay at home. luckily, kun said he will pay for me. haha… i also still not finished my poetry paper. today is paper due day. i didn’t have time to give tutors look at my papers because i was busy with working and school also close on holiday. thank James help me correct grammar on my paper. finally, i finished before 12 o’clock. I’m going to be bore tomorrow because kun doesn’t work and my sister also go to the party. 🙁

I got up since 4.30 AM because i have to go to Walmart buy camara for kun. the store open at 5 o’clock. oh.. my god i’m so sleeping because i just went to sleep at 2 o’clock. i didn’t take shower, i just brush my tooth and wash my face. then i went to pick up san and kanika. we went to Walmart at chemford. there were full of cars in parking area. i knew i’m not going to got it. we are hurry to get in the store. i just went striaght to the camara place. i saw the camara i want (Coolpix S51), but the price was not the same as advertise. it goes up 229$. i’m confusing right now. then i saw one staff get three camara that i want from cabinet. i just said i want one too. she was finding for me and said we sold out. i’m so disappointed to hear that. i felt it just only a few mintues ahead of me. then we went back home because i have to change another car. i took brother in law car at this time. i asked san to go another walmart because i didn’t know the direction. i knew i have to get camara for kun. i know i’m begin selfish because san and kanika really want to go to mall. when we arrived Malmart at tukbery, there still have a lot of people. we went stright to camara place again. i asked the staff over there. she said she had it but i have to get in the line. when i look at the line, my god it so long. haha… i asked her many times because i’m afraid when i arrived to her place, the camara was sold out. so we wasted time to wait. she just told me to wait in the line. i decided to stay in the line. we spend nearly one hour and half to wait. luckily, each of us get one sandwich from Subway. finally i got my camara as well. i’m so happy because kun isnot going to kill me. hehe… now we are happily go to mall. we went to rockingham mall. most of the store are discount. we brought a lot of stuff. i got two big bages. today is the first time for me spend a lot of money in my life. if my mom know how much i spent on that day, she will kill me ;-D

Thankgiving Day

is it foggy?
you guys want some?

dinner time
everyone is hungry

cherry pie

people sleep in front of the best buy store
wow wow.. after these few days i worked so hard, finally it is thankgiving day. i got up around 9.30 AM and i talked with my boyfriend. today we have a specail chief came to help us. kanika is our specail guest. she came to help us with cooking. we got 24 pound turkey to burn today. we have to spend 5 hours to cook it. first of all, we prepared the turkey and put it in oven because it spent more hours on it. then my sister and brother in law went to aunt’s house. my aunt also celebrate thankgiving day. i didn’t go because i thought her family will came to my house this evening. moreover, no one accompany kanika. at 3 o’clock, we started to do stuffing, potatoes, and more. i don’t know how to call. haha… when i got free time, i went to my room with chat with kun. this evening i went to rent two movie with kanika. one called chuck and larry and another one called the invisible. i didn’t got out from house for a whole, i just know this is the foggy day i ever see. i cannot saw the road clearly. after we rent movie, we went to buy newpaper because tomorrow is black friday. since everyone came to my house (my aunt, bong chanthy, bong bora’s family), we started to eat around 7 o’clock. we have a nice dinner together. everything is so yummy. i got one turkey leg and kanika got one too. haha… then we start to watch movie called chuch and larry. it is a funny movie. we laughed out loud together, espeailly my sister and me. when we finished the movie, everyone went home at 10.30 PM. my brother in law want to buy monitor, so we went to Compusa. oh… my god. there are a lot of people went to buy electronic stuff. compusa is the only store open from 9 to 12. every store are open tomorrow in the early morning. i want to buy camara, but it was sold out. my brother in law also cannot brought monitor as well. the line was so long. we went to check best buy because we heard that there are a lot of people will sleep in front of the store. haha… this is the first time for me to see people are waiting in front of the store buying stuff. you know what? the store suppose to open at 5 AM and they are waiting from this time on. let enjoy some of the photos i took during thankgiving day.

have a happy thankgiving

The First Day Snow of The Year

I didn’t have car went to school today. San gives me a ride. she came to pick up me since 9 o’clock. my class started at 10.30 AM. hummm… i didn’t know what should i did during one hour and half. 🙁 when i came out from my house, san said snow is falling down. i didn’t saw anything. when we arrived school, the sky was cover by snow. it was so beautiful. i really want to play with it. unfortunately, i’m afraid i got sick because i always allegic with weather. Monday November 20 is the first day snow of the year 2007

New York City With MCC

This is the fouth time i went to New York. I didn’t feel excited like the first time i went there with my sister. there are 15 people went on the field trip. i arrived MCC at 6 o’clock in the morning. on the way, i was reading the book call “Othello” because i have a quiz soon. i didn’t talk much in the car. i just know sothea better than others students. we arrived there at 10.30 AM. we went to status of liberty frist. when we got out from car, pu tooch called our name one by one to get sandwich. i thought we might stop by a restaurant and we have beautiful lunch together as we always did on last field trip. i felt disappointed when i got a cold sandwich in my hand. haha… the line was not too long. we spent only 15 mintues to go in. we also get another ticket to go in liberty status. the time avaliable from 8.45 to 11.45 AM. i really wish to go in there. i went to NY with my sister 3 times already, but we never get a chance to go in. we took a ship go to liberty status. we arrived there at 11.40 AM. i thought we were going to miss it. i will disappointed again. when we arrived the gate of liberty status, the staff over there said they open until 3 o’clock. i really happy to hear that. we cannot go in directly becaus they not allow any foods or drink. we have to eat first. the sandwich is bad. it is cold and not delicious. we can say “nham tang tek pnek”. haha… i can only finish half of it. when we are finish our sandwich, we have to wait another line. this line is go to security place where they will check us. i feel so excited when i get in there. inside the liberty status, there are a lot of status and photos show how people build it at that time. after that, we went to ellen island. this is the second place that i want to go. everytime i came with my sister, we never stop at there. my sister said there is only old stuff in there. Ellen island is where immigrat people come to live. there are a lot of old stuff in it. we left there at 3 o’clock. we went to time squce after that. we spend 40 mintues to walk around. most of students are excited when they arrived at time squce. they think it is awesome. we left NY at 5 o’clock as we plan. i felt so tired after a long walk. most of us sleep on the car. when i get up, we arrived at Macdonal. everyone gets hamburger because we are so hungry. when we got in the car, we are not going to sleep again. we played game, sing a song, talk about stories and jokes. we have so much fun in the car. finally, we arrived MCC around 10.10 PM. i arrived home at 10.30 PM. i felt so tired. i just take shower and sleep because tomorrow i have to work 🙁

International Student Dinner at MCC

Guess what? I am a queen tonight at MCC fashion show. we have a dinner for international students at MCC start from 5 PM to 7 PM. last year, i was represent cambodia student to read a khmer poem. this year, i also dress up with traditional cambodia dress. my partner is Sothea (My brother). he is a king tonight. San is my guest as well. i was late for the dinner party. i suppose to come at 3.45 PM because i need to dress up and pratice to walk. today i can say i am very busy. i have class at 10.30 AM and finish at 12 PM. then i have to go to pick up my photo. i came back to MCC again to go to writing center. i need tutor look at my poem essay. after that i went to MAPP meeting. I’m going to be a mentor for next semester. i finished MAPP meeting at 3.00 PM then I met Pat (International advisor) because i have to hang all the documents for her. i need to apply OPT for next year working in the United States. I left MCC at 3.45PM because i have to come back home. i told my boyfriend that i will came home online with him for awhile. i can spend time talked with kun only 10 mintues. than i have to pick up san and we can go to school. I thought I’m going to be late again because i arrived MCC at 4.45 PM 😉 in contrast, everything is fine. the party start at 5PM as aganda. Pat had a bit introduction and we can eat. the foods that we have tonight is America thankgivning foods. I can say i’m so hungry because i didn’t eat since this morning. poor me! I can eat as much as i can because i have to do fashion show. my dress take more time than other countries dress. it is very difficult to wear. san and joe help me to dress up. haha… Sothea and Me are the first couple do fashion show. oh my god. i’m so nervous. I think we do well on the stage. haha… we have a group pictures and some discussions with each other. the dinner end at 7PM. I drop san at home, than i went to mall. tonight is the first time for me go to mall alone. i brought 3 shirts. 1 for my sister. pretty much tonight i have a lot of fun.