Christmas Day

I’m playing card 😀 Oudom make this house by cookies and candys With some kids We are together 😛 City Hall in LowellI don’t get any excited feeling about Christmas day. I think maybe i just had a little party on Christmas eve. I woke up around 9 o’clock and called to my friends. sothea asked me go to china town at boston, but none of my friends want to go. i decided to stay at home. moreover, i didn’t want to leave kun alone. he still busy at workplace. i want to accompany him until he finished his work. 1 o’clock he finished up his work, and my duty also done. hehe… kun has to go home and join party with his family over there. he told me about foods he had last night. i guess it would be delicous. hehe… after that, i tested with a phea. we want to know is it work on yahoo or msn messager or not. finally, it is work very well. she can see my face and i also can hear her lovely voice. we talked for awhile because my sister called me to play card. hehe… i miss everytime i play card with my family in cambodia. we always play card in special occasions. hehe… i think i’m rarely lose. we played ” Si Ku”. i’m not really like Si Ku. however, we have to play because my sister’s mother in law know only how to play Si Ku. i like to play card with more thinking and tricking like “Sab San, Teng Len, or Ou Phe”. hehe… anyways, i lose today (3 dollars). at 5 o’clock, we have to go my aunt’s house because she celebrated christmas party. i also bring san with me. my uncle made “Sach Kor Tek Bro Huk” yummy yummy! and bong thay made “Plea”. i’m so full tonight. finally, we had dessert “B Bor Chr Dov” and some cookies and candys. i got presents from my aunt and bong thay as well. we left my aunt’s house around 8 o’clock. san and me drove car to different places around Lowell. we were talking and taking some photos a long the way. a lot of american houses decorate very nice. we cannot wait to talk some photos. hehe… we come back home around 9.30. we feel like don’t want to get in the house because we have to much things to talk. anyways, that is how i spend my christmas day. i feel boring in the morning, and i thought it will be the worse christmas day for me. however, now i’m feel happy because this is my frist time celebrate christmas in USA.

Merry Christmas! 😀

Christmas Card For Family

For Bong Kun For My Parents For Bong kun’s Parents

For My Grandmother For Bong Kun’s Tra and Yi For Bong Kun’ Pu and Ming For Bong kun’s cousin For My Aunt and Uncle at NY and Lowell For Bong Phy, Bong Phorn and their family For My youngest sister Mei Mei

Today i just sent out Christmas card to my family and also bong kun’s family. I hope they can receive it on the right day. however, i cannot join new year with my family. i believe they can think about me when they see it. last year, i sent valentine post card to my family. my father said he never know that i’m very good at writing. hehe… he said if he know a head, he should give me study about that skill. so i can be a writer. haha… actually, my father makes fun of me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to My Family and Bong Kun’s family

Espeailly, To all the friends in here! Enjoy your holiday!

My Terrible Day In My Life

I wake up at 8 AM in the morning because i have to preview my final exam. i left home at 10 AM because my exam start at 10.30 AM. on the way go to school, i hit one car in front of me. actually, i am nearly arrive my school’s garage. it has only one way more. I don’t know what is happen with my car as well. i know i’m going to hit that car because i cannot stop my break. i shout and close my eyes when my car is going to hit another one. when i open my eyes, i saw the owner of that car get out. i am shock and my heart run fast. i am really don’t know how to do. there is another car in front of the car i hit. i guess the first car is alright that’s why she just get out and look at her car. she talked with the owner of the car hit for awhile, then she just go. he turn to see his car at the back. i think his car look alright. he told me that it is gonna be ok. i felt relief. i know i’m totally wrong. then he said he need my driver licenes in case his car has problem. he asked me whether i have driver licence or not. hehe… he write down my name, driver licence and phone number. he also give me his name card. i think he is a kind person. you know what? his car is BMW. hehe… when i get in my car, i am so afraid to start. i drive very very slow. i thought maybe my luck cause just now i drive slow. i’m not in the mood of hurry. i don’t want to imagine if i drive as normal or in the high way. now i understand why my mom always blame at me. hehe… the garage is full. i wait about 5 mintues, then i look at the clock. it is 5 mintues late already. i back up my car and try to find the space to park. i drive to the front of my college because i think it might be have some space. unfortunately, it also full. i’m so careful with my driving at this time because i’m afraid i will hit another car. i feel so sad because i cannot find the place to park. I don’t know a lot of places around my campus. i know only two places that i can park. i try to park both side along the road but it is full of snow. now i have no idea what to do with my car. i saw one car go to park on the right side of the road, so i follow that car. i just shut down my car machine. one lady come to knock the door. she said i cannot park here because another car will hit mine. i told her that i cannot find the place and today is my final exam. i just want to park only 1 hour. she said no. i feel so sad but i have no choice. i drive back to the first garage that i wait the frist time. i saw every car get it. i feel so happy. when i drive in, they stop from one car a head of me. i shout in car please don’t stop. I wait at least 15 mintues. i really cannot keep my mind stable. i pretend preview my exam in the car while i’m waiting. but i cannot concentrate. i really want to leave the car and go. finally, one man come to take the sign out. i already loss feeling. i was late 50 mintues. i have only 40 mintues to do exam. there are 2 part of final exam. part 1 has 8 questions and part 2 is essay. i already done with my essay at home and i have learn it my heart. my professor allow to bring the outline to class because we have to quote sentences from the books. we have to write from 5 to 7 paragrapes. i do the part 2 frist because it already in my mind. when i begin to write, i feel my hand shake. when i finished part 2, there are only 10 mintues left. i can only finished 5 questions and i think the answer is not good as well. i feel not happy. i know i won’t fail but i don’t have a good grade.

i really afraid to come back home because my sister’s father in law car is broke some places. he let me drive his car go to work and school and no one has accident. i am the only one in the first list. anyways, my sister and brother in law said it is ok because it is snow. the road is slip. i always hear people said that it is difficult to drive when it is snow. i already drive on the snow these few days ago, and i think it is ok. however, it is the first time for me. now i know the reason they complain. i also know i am less careful on driving. i always listen to music, talking on the phone, dancing (sometime) and chatting if i have someone with me. from now on, i have to drive slow and more careful.

Chirstmas Present

Time run so fast. from day to day, month to month, and year to year. two weeks more is going to be another year 2008. i feel i don’t know what i have success so far. one year more i have to go back to cambodia, and i don’t know what i have gain while i’m living and studying in here. i cannot save money as a lot of speail occasions every month. moreover, i also don’t know how much i understand about my courses. hehe…

today i have a small speail present for my boyfriend. i have to send it today, if not it is going to be late again. i brought 3 sweaters for him but i never have time to send. he told me that winter nearly pass already. i remember last time i brought some shirts for him to wear on summer, but i never send to him. therefore, summer already pass and he cannot wear it as well. haha… anyways, i brought a Pig jewelry box and a Pig candy for him as chirstmas present. I hope he like it because he was born in Pig sign and i also call him “Ta Chruk” as well.

Odom Birthday

I can say sunday is a bad day becasue it snows since 3 AM until morning. i don’t go work:-( I think i cannot earn much these two weeks. I am kind of broke now. hehe… however, today is my cousion’s birthday. My aunt invite all of us go to her house to eat something. I don’t want to go early because i want to do my final paper. however, my sister ask me to go because she said it is difficult to drive. she doesn’t want me to drive the small car. therefore, i go with my sister around 2 PM. there are a lot of delious foods, espeailly khor ko. i never eat ka tev khor ko for long time. hehe… i meet my uncle’s relatives as well. we are chit chat and eat. i come back home around 6 PM and then i try to write my final paper. i cannot believe that i can done it only one night. haha…

Night Snowy

I left my class at 11.30 AM and i went to writing center. I cannot stay for long because the school close at 1 PM. everyone is hurry to go home. I arrived home at 1 something and it started to snow. i heard that the snow about 6-8 inches and after that it is rain and ice for whole night. around 6.30 PM, all of us go out side play with snow. my sister afriad that rain with ice is coming, so we have to clear the snow first. i want to build snow man but i cannot do it because the snow so soft. haha… i forget to take photo of my snow man. my brother in law said my snow man look like Bok Ko mountain. haha… ok, i would like to share with all of you a poem call “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” by Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To Watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound’s the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But i have promises to keep,

And miles to go before i sleep,

And miles to go before i sleep.

I am Done

I am done because today i have to sent laptop to kun. haha… these two weeks, i did a lot of research on mac. i also write a small book in khmer in order to help him easy to use it. i hope it can help him when he get it. i didn’t sent that laptop to france because kun’s sister who live in NY will go to spend her holiday in france. that is so lucky because i don’t have to spend much money on shipping and I’m afriad of damage as well. i would like to say thanks to phea who give me two programs and teach me how to use it. and I also want to say thanks to san who accompany me go to the mall these last two days. you both awesome! I also took some photos when i came back from post office. holiday season is coming soon. a lot of houses do decoration for chirstmas and new year. i love this house because they put a lot of light. it is so beautiful!

MAPP Party

After i finished my class, i have to join MAPP Party. Today is the frist day that Mentors and Mentees have a chance to meet each other. I have two mentees but i cannot invite them to the party. they are busy with his and her work. therefore i go to the party without my mentees. hehe… It is a pizza party and there are a lot of students join. when i arrived there, they gave me one mentee. she’s from vietnam. her mentor didn’t come that’s why they transfer her for me. she is a friendly person. her name Meihour. haha… we have to introduce each other in the party. you know what? she asked me do you have a boyfriend? i said i do. she started to wonder, she said she used to hear her cambodia friends said that they not allow to have boyfriend because that is cambodia culture. haha… i’m kind of stucked. I just said it depends on family and time. haha… actually, my parents also strict about that kind of relationship. anyways, we both already confess after our parents met each other. 😀 what i like about party is the game that we played at the end.

Snowy Day

today i have to work from 8.30 AM to 4 PM. i wake up and look at my window. humm… snow is falling down. it is so beautiful but i don’t want to go out side. haha… i called to my supervisor, she said i need to call her back around 11 AM. i went to sleep again. i slept for a while, my sister called me. she said hey! wake up and go out side to help my brother in law. i realized that i have to do exercise in the early morning. before i go to help him, i had took some pictures from my phone. let enjoy