Flood everywhere in Phnom Penh 

rain like cats and dogs. We don’t know where to go. The weather is cold, so I want to have soup. We go to Raksmey bayon soup not very far from our office. It quiet awhile that we never have soup. This time having soup under the sound of rain. We are feeling good. 

After that we drive home, but look at the way home. Everywhere is water. We nearly cannot enter the gate of our house. He he … Pity my husband. He walk thought the water to push the gate.

Anyways, raining season only few months only. He he … Kingdom of water! 

Ning Theara visit 

Ning Theara come to sell iPhone in Cambodia. He brought a lot of iPhone from USA come to sell it in Cambodia. I am find place for him to place and bong Phorn accompany him to sell . He come only one week, tonight I bring him and bong phorn family to have French foods. My niece and nephew are the most happier. They love fancy place. I know they just want to try French foods, but not really like it. Anyways, we are happy to each other. Even though it is a short time only. I still remember when I was in USA , ning Theara take me everyday to the train. And he alway make me laugh. 

A sad news

After many stressful days at Thailand, and many careful days in cambodia. Finally, today is the result day. I went to do blood day in the morning. 4 PM i ask my cousin to pick up the result. open the envelop, i don’t understand what is the result mean. i call to my friend who is doctor. she said the result is negative. my tear start to drop. this is the moment that i feel how to lose something in life. i always hope and believe that i will be success. however, it is not. i suddenly cry so hard in the bathroom alone. i try to claim myself, cause there are a lot of people still waiting for me get payment outside. i come out with no feeling. really want to work end soon, and please get out of my office. my husband come, i angry with him about work. he ask what’s happen? i hug him and cry. i said negative. he try to comfort me by saying it’s not our kid, so it’s won’t stay. I’m really sad. i e-mail to ask the doctor, cause i want to know the reason why. he said the embryo is grand AA. he make me believe that i will be success. it break my heart to know about the result. ok, let think like my husband said. if it’s us, it will stay. i wish to have a good news for my husband birthday. but i can’t do it 🙁