Today we all have a party at Na’s house. I didn’t go to market because I am the only one wake up late. i went to Na’s house around 11 o’clock. i helped them to waste some vegetables. oh… today we were having soup and plea sach kor. moreover, we also have Bay Dom Neb tho ren as dessert. we started to eat around 1 o’clock. eat and drink together… and we also sing karaoke. Na is the only one have a nice voice and sombath as well. we tolk some photos together and have fun. sothea and nate are most joker in group. Tam and Kanhna cannot understand what we are talking and singing about. they just laugh a long with us. san and hea pov just smile and keep quiet sometimes. for me, i eat, drink, and sing as well… i did all activity in party. dor kor…

good night

My oldest sister’s birthday (Bong Phy)

Tonight is my oldest sister’s birthday. i prepared a surprise birthday for her. me, san, and nate make soup since we got out from class. moreover, kanika and me made a cake for her. hehe… i called my aunt’s family and some of my friends to join us. my sister come back from work at 6.30 in the evening. i told ning theara to call her in order to get long time because me and ka not yet done with cake. we all lie bong phy to go to the store to buy mango. actually, we didn’t need it. haha… when she got home, we trun off all the light in the house. after that she opened the door, and we made a sound to give her surprsie and then we sang birthday song together. then she came to blow the candle. she is 26 year old now. hehe… we were having soup together with fun. in addition, our cake is not look good but it tested interested. i hope she can surprise by what we are tring to do for her birthday.

Happy Birthday to you ( My dearest sister), i wish you have a good health, good luck, have a happiness in your whole life, more and more beautiful, and may all your dream come true!

I love You

The institue of Contemporary

Today i went to museum in Boston with international club. we had around 20 persons. we arrived there around 11 o’clock. the museum called ” The Institute of Contemporary Art”. there were many great arts and super vision. i like the smoke drawing. we spent about 2 hours in there, and then we went to No Name restaurant to have lunch. we have a great lunch time together. i think this is a short trip. we of us didn’t want to come back. hehe……. we arrived at skul on 3 o’clock.

Three Joks in One Day

When i got out from my class, i went to the academic support center. i met sothea and sombath at there. sothea sit next to me in one long sofa and sombath sit infront of us. at sombath right side, there are a big big guy and a skinny guy sit over there. sothea and sombath usually call me che. they are want to go home by bus first, and they try to persuade me to go with them. sothea said to me ” che, i don’t want to keep you here alone because i’m afraid A mab will do something bad on you” i know he play around with me. and i replied to him ” i’m a lady now, don’t worry about me. he cannot do anything” then sombath said ” don’t be afraid, just only that big guy. leave him to me” we all laugh. just a mintu later, sombath call sothea ” we should go home now” then he come to whisper sothea. i’m getting wonder what both of them whisper about. then sothea whisper me ” Che! Che, a mad is cambodia” i cannot control my laugh anymore. haha……. there are a lot of student come from different countries, and not really much student from cambodia. moreover, we can recognize cambodia student by face and the way they wear. so we always speak khmer because we think nobody can understand us. but today that big guy is khmer child grow up here, so he dress like america student. we didn’t notice him. haha….. in the afternoon, i went to work. there were two jok stories during work time. a pretty lady come to pay money at my register desk. i thought she might be cambodian, but she speak english with me very well. after that one guy (pu soursdey) who working in the store with me come to talk with her. and another lady talked with me with a louder voice. she said ” see? pu sousdey flirt that lady sicne she was buying stuff until now” i’m smiling and called san. she stand in front of me ” san! san! look at pu soursdey flirt pretty girl” san didn’t reply and i thought she might not heard me. after i’m done with that pretty girl, san came to talk with me. ” che, che, why you speak khmer? she is cambodian too” then i realize by myself, i said ” oh… my god, i didn’t realize just now” haha… after that there are two young american guy come to ask me about flower. one guy ask ” do you take tax from flower?” i said “we do” then he ask ” how much you take?” i said ” i don’t know as well, i will ring for you if you want to know” so i ring one flower for him, and i told him ” we take 20 cent per one flower”. he said ” oh.. thank you”. after that he came to my register desk with a bunch of red roses, i ring for him. the price come up with 20.95 and the original price is 19.95. he said ” just now you said 20 cent but now one dollar” then i told him i ring one rose flower but now you take a bunch of it. he told me that he less 10 cent. i really want to give him 10 cents, but i don’t know how to do as well. then my superivor come and she said just give him. i also happy because he bought the flower for his gf’s birthday. haha……. i thought i have a lot of fun today!

Ghost Rider

After skul, we went to see a movie called ” Ghost Rider” it supposed to scare, but it oposite from we are expect. we are laugh during the scaring movie. i recalled when i watched “Norbit”, it was a comeday movie, but it scare me a lot. haha…. we all watched with empty stomach today. haha… after that we went to Kos Hong restaurant to have lunch together, we so hungry!
tonight, i made one video for my cute niece. however, her birthday just pass and i didn’t have a chance to join. here a gift for her. it is 12.40 am now, i feel a bit sleeping. i wish when i get up, the skul will close. show day again tomorrow. haha….

A story of Birthday Gift

A little girl she has a goal for her gift since she was 18 year old. she started to think about gift when the first birthday her family made for her. she asked her sister about gift that she wanted but no one bought for her. so she started to tell her self that if someone bought the right gift that she love, she will think of that person as specail person that understand her mind. she waited for serveral years. in the year 2002, one man was alway from home for one year and a half, he told her that he back home because on her birthday. on her birthday she received a big bear doll from him. when she opened it, she was surprise because i never though that she found the person that bought the right gift as she though. after that she start interested with that man then both of them have good relationship with each other…..she don’t know what kind of person he is, but she feel he is the person she is looking for!

Teaching My Family About Outside Cultures
Every country has a different culture, lifestyle, and economy. My country is a developing country. After a terrible war, everyone started from nothing to develop each family’s standard of living. My parents were very patient and tried hard to create a good family for us. Now everything is changed in my country. A lot of outside cultures have come into my country such as clothes, music, lifestyle, and so on.
My family is considered as a modern family but we still keep some traditional lifestyles. I’m the first person who got an idea to bring some western cultures to my family. Once I prepared a birthday for my mother. Actually, my parents never knew their birthday because my grandparents didn’t care about this. So I decided to choose mother’s day as her birthday. On that day, I went to buy a cake and wrote her name on it. And I asked my sisters to cooperate with me. Four of us learned how to sing a song called “In the World Only Mother is the Best” in Chinese, because my family is Chinese-Cambodian. The party began at night, when my parents were watching TV. We all came down, lighted the candles and sang along until we reached their seats. She was surprised and asked if today was her birthday. We all laughed and I explained to her that today was Mother’s day and we wanted to celebrate it as her birthday. Then we told her to close her eyes, make a wish and blow out the candles. Four of us kissed her one by one. Actually, we rarely give a kiss to our parents since we are grown up. It doesn’t mean we don’t love them but we are kind of shy. My mother was excited until her tear dropped down. My father started to make a joke by asking when his birthday is. Then we all laughed out loud. This memory always reminds me of having a good time with my family. From now on, we started to prepare a birthday for everyone in the family, so every year we could hear six times of birthday song and eat six cakes together.
Birthday is a small activity but it brings us the sound of the laugh, a smile from our face, and a sweet memory in life.

My Name

Three words combined together become my name Bun SokPhoung, my last name Bun come from my father’s last name. And Sokphoung is my first name.
In my language, Khmer, the word Sok means Happiness and Phoung means Power of flower. In my country, everyone prefers to call me Phoung. My full name considered an easy name, not too long and not too short. It does not sound interested but contains full meaning, especially, it’s come from my father’s idea.
Since I was in high school, I got many names in my teenager life. When I was in 12th grade, I was tall and thin. Can you imagine what my friend call me at that time? They call me a dinosaur and one more name is Kon Youn which means Vietnamese girl because they say I look like Vietnamese. It’s just for fun in my group. When I finished high school, I became a first year student in one Business University. I choose accounting as my major. I had ten friends in my class, they called me a small pig or a small-eye girl because I was a little bit fat and I have small eyes. After everyone in my group got a job, they change my name from a small pig to a hip hop pig because my clothes that I wear to work are not so professional. Furthermore, in a group of my Chinese friends, I have one more name called “God of smile”, All my friend should have the name begin with God. It’s sound so funny to everyone who hears it. During that time, I give myself a name called Lyka to avoid my real name. It’s just a word that has no meaning but I like the sound of this word. This name was created when I started listen to one English radio in my country. I like listen to music in my free time that’s why sometimes I call or mail to most of the show to request a song. Then the name Lyka becomes a famous and a fan of that radio and English songs become my favorite.
However, I got many name such as dinosaur, Kon Youn, a small pig, a hip hop pig, a small eyes girl, God of smile and Lyka but Phoung is still the best of all.