Dinner before parent go back USA

my parent will go back to USA soon. so we bring them have French foods at Topaz restaurant. we know that they don’t really like French foods but we want them to try new teste. we order the special dishes from the chief. right now is season of truffle. I want my parent to try something new. we order many dishes to share together. at the end they said the foods so expensive, next time no need to come. hehe…..

Vaccine day

Vattanac is getting scare to hospital each time he comes. i just arrive at parking plot, he start crying. i wonder how he remember the place. he he….. Rithisak is doing just fine. he only cry when the nurse inject the medicine. even how much i pity both of them, but they must get vaccine for better health in the future. i love you!


prince manor with family

Prince Manor is new place for cambodian people. it is not far from phnom penh. only 1 hour something we can arrive there. It is a beautiful place to enjoy with family. there are many fun stuffs we can ride. however, my kids are too small to ride that. we have only a few option to enjoy. the weather is very good at the evening. we can enjoy fresh air next to mekong river.

here are some photos we took.


One day at kompongcham

this weekend we went to kompongcham province. it has been a long long time that i never go to visit kompongcham. however, nothing change much. we don’t know where to go. we arrive at kompongcham city. visit bamboo bridge. but the weather so hot. so we didn’t walk on the bridge, just look from far away, and go back to have lunch. the restaurant that we that lunch. all the dishes are Delicious. i am so full. then we go to visit one resort call Han chey bamboo resort. it about 40 min from the city. the resort has a good view but still hot cause no air con. the resort make from bamboo. it is beautiful and service also good. after have a few drink over there, we head back to Phnom Penh. we stop at Sokha resident to have dinner over there. i alway love the view in the italian restaurant. we can see Royal palace at night very beautiful. the foods also good.

here are some photos of our weekend trip

Dinner with love

whenever he is free even not weekend, he always ask me to dine out. i am lucky to have a husband who love to eat and spend time with his wife. he always told me that everyday we are working hard to earn money, so we have to eat delicious, sleep good and travel well. i am really want to help you with your work, but you never allow me. thank you for being a good husband to me all the time .

Prince Manor

today me and my friends want to bring our kids to Prince Manor together. however, when arrive there, i meet bong dy and her family. such a incidentally! my friend sey cannot manage to come, only vy and her family. me and vy have lunch together at the restaurant. after finish we continue to walking around and take some photos.

here are some photos of us